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About csctruck

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We sincerely hope that you will find answers to many questions you have about our company and products. CSCTRUCK Company, having led the history of China’s automotive industry, has become a global corporation thanks to our customers’ deep connection and love.In 2012, CSCTRUCK had been to expanded on solid internal growth in order to lay the foundation for becoming a leading global automaker. To achieve this, we had strengthen our ongoi...


CSCTRUCK is a Share owned enterprise, we are conscious of our responsibility towards the future generations and for us environmental protection is not merely a lip service. Already for years, we at CSCTRUCK have paid attention to sustainability in production of trucks & trailers and therefore develop futuristic products, establishing a new plant in ecology and economy domain located in Hubei .When it comes to production of vehicles, sustainability remains very much in focus. We consider it o...

Industry Partners

PARTNERS CREATE  UNIQUE TO YOUR TRANSPORT BUSINESS                                                                                                                     

Mission and Values

Mission & Values  We're committed  to providing a quality product with exceptional service. CSCTRUCK has chosen to grow together with its employees, suppliers, and customers and to become a world brand in the on-board equipment sector, as its main target.  5% of our profit helps to strengthen our communities. Mission:To provide greener and better future for our customer and community. Vision:Becoming a leading engineering solution provider by integrating global technology. To ...

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