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Vacuum Sweeper(Road Sweeper) Truck

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  • Model:DFL1160BX  
  • Capacity:8CBM  
    Driving Mode:4*2  
  • Price: $59000

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Vacuum Sweeper Truck /8CBM -4x2

CSC5160TSLD4 Sweeper truck is dedicated to produce ideal sweeping vehicles for each different municipality, contractor and/or cleaning company: It now works with customers from different countries on special projects to create better sweeping machines specialized for local requirements.

Model: CSC5160TSLD4

Nominal Volume of Waste Hopper: appox 8Cubic Meters

Nomial Volume of Water Tanker: approx 1.5 Cubic Meters

Ovelall Dimesion,mm: 8050×2490×2650

Tare Weight,kg: 9905

G.V.W ,kg: 16000

Loading Weight, kg: 5900


Part 1: Chassis for 8M3 Vacuum Sweeper Specification

1.1   Main Application

Vacuum Sweeper Truck adopts pure suction airflow dry type operations, and it is especially developed for urban roads conditions. This model sweeping width is 2.4m to 2.8m, with 5 m3 waste hopper, auxiliary suction pipe(6-10m) and high efficient spray dust suppression device.

These specifications set forth the general, functional and technical requirements for the pavement cleaning vehicle to be used to clean the expressway pavement. The pavement cleaning vehicle shall be of the type designed for the use on expressway. The normal operating speed of the vehicle shall be 25 km/h or higher.


1.2 Principal Features

a.The equipment to be supplied under this contract is new and of the most current model 2011,10.

b.Left-hand drive

c.Power asssitance steering

d.4x2, rear axle drive

e.Three (3) persons seating capacity

f.Water-cooled, four-stroke cycle diesel engine

g.Flywheel horsepower:  190hp@2500rpm

h.Hydraulic lifting/tipping gear with control system

i.Lifting capacity: 8,000 kg

j.Power-take-off to drive the hydraulic pump

k.Payload of fully equipped and loaded truck (including container) :  12,500kg minimum

l.Rear axle rating:  15,000kg approx.

m.GVW:  16,000kg minimum

n.Gradability (max. restart gradient off highway at GVW):  30% 

o.Ground clearance:  270 mm


1.3 Engine

Water-cooled,four-stroke cycle diesel engine with the following features:-

a. Vertical ,in line        

b. Flywheel horsepower:190hp@2500rpm

c. Flywheel horse power 140(kw) /2500(rpm), torque and engine speed 670(N.m)/1300-1500(rpm)

as well as aver-age fuel consumption 16L/100km .h ;Engine manufactuer Dongfeng Cummins, model:B190 33

d. Lubrication: forced lubrication

e. Lubricant filtration:filter

i. Full-flow and by-pass  

ii. Replaceable element/ cartridge;

f. Lubricant cooler equipped

g.Fuel System: Direct Injection

h.Fuel filtration:filter

i.Primary and Secondary

ii.Replaceable element/ cartridge

i.Fuel-water separator required in fuel line

j.Fuel tank capacity:  160 litres

k.Fuel tank cap with security lock

l. Specify the following:

i.Mechanical fuel injection pump

ii.Mechanical Governor

m. Cooling System:  Heavy duty pressurised water cooling with sufficient capacity to function in the specified ambient temperature

n.  Radiator fins and tubes to be made of copper

o.   Radiator protection grille

p.   Natural aspiration

q.   Heavy-duty ,dry-type air cleaner with replaceable elements

r.   Pre-cleaner fixed.

s.   Pre-ignition heating system


1.4 Clutch

a. Heavy duty, dry single plate; hydraulic actuation .

b. Specify diameterΦ395mm


1.5 Transmission,PTO and Drive Line

a.Constant speed synchromesh gearbox

b.Floor-mounted manual shift gear lever

c. 5 speed forward and 1 speed reverse

d.Max. geared speed: 95km/h

e.Manufacturer's standard PTO box is provided

f.4 x 2 WD truck; single rear axle drive

g.Gradability (max restart gradient off highway at GVW): 30%


1.6 Chassis Frame

a.Heavy-duty all steel constructed frame to be reinforced with cross members

b.Front towing hook

c.Front steel bumper

d.Front fenders have mudflaps

e. Full rear steel mudguards with mud flaps

f. Specify the following:

i.Frame sectional modulus :250mm× 80mm×  (7+4)mm

ii.Tensile strength of frame material Q235A high strength steel.


1.7 Axles

a.Torque proportioning differ-ential rear axle with foot-operated or otherwise differential lock

b.Hub reduction floating rear axle

c. Rear axle rating: 10,000kg approximately

d. Rigid I beam front axle


1.8 Suspension


i. Heavy duty semi-elliptic leaf spring

ii.Double acting telescopic shock absorbers


i.Heavy duty semi-elliptic leaf spring

ii.Second stage helper spring

c.Sring details:Front 8pcs /rear 10+8pcs


1.9 Steering

a.Power assistance steering

b. Left hand steering control

c. 350 mm steering radius approx


1.10 Brakes

a.Power assisted hydraulic actuation service brakes built into all four wheels

b. Independent dual line system

c. All drum internal expanding

d. Foot-operated engine brake

e. Brake boosters with protection as applicable

f. Automatic drain valve on air tank(s)

g. Mechanical release parking brakes


1.11 Wheels ,Rims&Tires

a.Single front; double rear wheels

b.Good quality heavy-duty on/off road type suitable to full load rating, maximum speed and working conditions

c. Manufacturer's standard rims/ tires must, preferably, meet the following specifications: 

i.Tyre size: 11.00 R20,Ridus tire (ALL WHEELS)

ii.Tube tires with flaps preferred

iii.Bias Construction

iv.Ply rating; preferably 16 PR

v.Rim type:  Slip-on type with ring locker

vi.Lug type tread pattern

d. . One spare rim with tire mountable on a suitable carrier on each vehicle.


1.12 Cab & Accessories

a.Cab made of steel

b.Three person seating capacity

c.Seats cushioned with weather resistant heavy duty vinyl

d.Seat belts

e.Wide view toughened (Lamina-ted) wind screen

f. Two (2 No.) wipers

g.Floor covering:  rubber


i.Tropical ventilation; specify

j.Provide the following:

i.Dual sun visors

ii.Dual rear-view mirrors

iii.Rain gutters/drip mouldings

iv.Container hold-down strap

v In-Cab Pump Switch

vi In-Cab Pneumatic Controller


1.13 Instrumentation

a.Adequate instrumentation to be made up of service indicators as well as advance hazard warning devices. It shall include the following:

i.Fuel gauge

ii.Engine Coolant temperature gauge

iii.Engine oil level gauge

iv.Engine oil pressure gauge

v.Battery charging indicator

vi.Parking brake light

vii.Filters and fuel-water separator service indicators

viii.Speedometer and Odometer

ix.Reversing alarm

x.Engine speed tachometer

xi. Vandalism protection for instrument panel required


1.14 Electric System

a.12 volt system

b. Cab interior lighting

c. Instrument panel lighting

d. Two headlights minimum; high/ low beam

e. Tail/stoplights

f. Direction signal lights for front and rear

g. Reversing light

h. Parking light

i Number plate lights

j Specify the following:

i.AH rating of battery 24V

ii. Ampere rating of alter-nator 100A

iii.KW rating of starter 440CCA

k. Specify other maker's standard ancillaries



iii.Module:1\4; Terminal:0\1;Mass:18.2kg


1.15 Protective Provision & Finish for Truck Chassis

a.Anti-corrosion provi-sions for the truck

b. Final colour finish white or as customer requested color.


Part 2: Vacuum Sweeper Truck Superstucturer Information

2.1 Structurer:

a. The center vacuum disk can effectively remove waste from tens of microns to the leaves, gravel, stones, bricks,etc.

b. The auxiliary suction hose’s working diameter can reach 10m, which can used for green belt and blind corner manual work can’t reach. No secondary dust problem, and the sweeping rate up to 99% or more.It can be widely used for road cleaning, moreover, it is the ideal sanitation equipment for the places of square, park, campus, housing area, parking lot, dock, airport, cement plant, electric power plant, steel plant, etc.


2.2  Principal Features

a. Simple Structure: No hydraulic motor Slewing Mechanism, no sweeping brushes system

b. Easy operation: Only through the control panel in Cab, the operator can control the auxiliary engines on/off, fan speeds up/down, dust sucking mouths up/down, rear doors open/close, waste hoppers lift/fall, water sprays on/off.

c. No secondary dust: Pure suction type, no reverse blow, adopt unique, advanced, high efficient filter system

d. Low working cost: No sweeping brush frequent replacement, just bits of rubber wearing parts. It need low maintenance cost every year.

e. Excellent dust removal efficiency: Garbage collected into the hopper, after several times of dust, through multi-stage gravitational fallout and inertial dust particles achieve dust separation, afford to keep them truly suck up and stay. In addition, with independent research and patented dry dust cleaning device, it can achieve automatic high performance cleaning, without staff participation (suitable for place of heavy dust).

f. Strong adaptability: Equipped with an infrared camera, long duration, regardless of day or night, rain, wind or the cold of winter, it can also be used as usual, reflecting the all-weather, all-day job of the design concept.

g. Improving the cleaning efficiency, reducing the cost of cleaning: One suction sweeper vehicle is equal to more than 30 cleaners, saving the cost of labor and personnel management, while also saving the cost of cleaning equipments purchase.

h. Manual loading is a thing of the past as are problems caused by blockages that are typically associated with other systems.

i. The system is simple and convenient to use and is ideal for the collection of debris in difficult to reach areas.


2.3  Super Structurer & Accessories

a. Road Cleaning System

i. A sweeping system that combine the benefits of the mechanical collection with those of the vacuum system.

ii. Maximum Running speed: Not less than 110km/hr

iii. Working speed: 3 - 40 km/h

iv. Minimum turning radius: Not more than 8 meters

v. Cleaning width:   Not less than 3m

vi. Dust hopper capacity: Not smaller less than 8m³

vii. Water tank capacity: Not smaller than 1500 Litre

viii. Maximum size of debris  Not smaller than 80 mm (diameter of pebble)

ix. Noise level 80 dB (a) or less when measured at driver’s ear position with brushes, blowers and Air conditioners and widows of driver’s cabin closed.

x. Maximum Dumping    Height not less than 1300mm

xi. Dumping gate opening:Inside cab/remote control/Automatic

xii. Optional ;Arranged for dumping     


b. Cleaning Mechanism

i. The side brushes and the main cylindrical brush mechanically load the debris inside the hopper by the means of a vertical conveyor

ii. Vacuum is used simultaneously to keep the dust constantly under control.

iii. A simple patented system that is able to collect and load over half a tonne of debris per minute, which allows the collection of a wide range of debris, the collection of a wide range of debris, from the finest dust to more voluminous objects such as bottles, large gravel and even fruit or vegetable market boxes.

iv. Dust hopper

(a)   Structure: Left side dump is preferable

(b) Material:    Made of welded steel plate

(c) Effective capacity:    Not smaller than 8m3

(d) Inner side of tank:    Urethane coating having thickness of 1.5 mm or more

(e) Bottom of hopper and inner side of door with stainless steel


c. Auxiliary Engine

i. Type: Water cooled diesel

ii. Rated output: Not smaller than 75 KW

iii. Maximum torque: Not smaller than 380 ……

iv. Fuel tank:Tank provided to vehicle shared

v. Battery: Battery provided to vehicle shared


d. Blower

i. Type: Single stage centrifugal type

ii. Maximum blowing volume: 300 m3/min or more

iii. Maximum static pressure: 10 kPa or more when closed

iv. Material of fan:   High tension steel


e. Gutter Brush

i. Diameter:    750 mm or larger

ii. Material:     Steel wire

iii. Quantity:    One (1) on each side

iv. Tilt mechanism: Hydraulic system / pneumatic

f. Sweeping Brush

i. Size:    400 mm (diameter) x 750 mm (length) or larger

ii. Material:     Steel wire

iii. Quantity:    One (1) on each side

iv. Tilt mechanism  Left side brush with hydraulic / pneumatic tilt mechanism

Sweeping brush may be omitted if the cleaning mechanism is designed in such a way that no sweeping brush is required to collect the dust.


g. Vacuum Suction Brush

i. Size:    400 mm (diameter) x 600 mm (length) or larger

ii. Material:     Steel wire or polypropylene

iii. Quantity:    One (1) for each side


h. Suction Brush Supporting Tire

i. Type:    Tubeless tire

ii. Quantity:     Two (2) for each side


i. Suction Hose: Inner diameter:   300 mm or larger

j. Hydraulic Sys: Hydraulic unit of adequate capacity shall be provided to operate various parts of the pavement cleaning system with the speed suitable for the operation.

k. Water Cleaning:

i. Maximum Water Flow: 120 l/min. or more

ii. Effective capacity: 1500 litre or more

iii. Tank inner wall coating: Tar-epoxy resin finish


l. Scattering –proof Device: Suitable device such as cover and curtain shall be provided around the dust sweeping and collection part of the vehicle to prevent dust and pebbles from scattering during the cleaning operation. The mechanism shall be simple but effective without requiring the adjustment or replacement. State the method provided.

m. Vacuum Suction Unit

i. Mud suction tube: Manually controlled telescope type

ii. Structure:Double construction made of steep pipe

iii. Nominal diameter :200 mm

iv. Suction Hose

(a) Type:  Flexible rubber hose

(b) Size:  200 mm (diameter) preferred

v. Suspension mechanism   

(a) Type:  Hydraulic with spring balancer

(b) Maximum load: More than 65 kg

n. Shock Absorber Against Rear-end Collision

The attachment shall be made of anti-corrosive materials. It shall have the construction that permits easy mounting on the vehicle and withstand the vibration while the vehicle is running. It shall have sufficient strength and shall not fall down when hit from behind.


o. Warning light: A warning light system shall be provided to the vehicle and placed firmly on the top of the signboard. It shall meet the requirements listed below.

i: Length:530 - 610 mm x 2

ii. Colour        Yellow

iii. Rated voltage           24 V

iv. Rotating warning light             

v. Rotation      Approx. 160 / min

vi. Bulb   Halogen 55 watt preferred;Quantity      2

vii. Flashing light;Flashing     180 / min (full brightness); 110 / min (dimmed)

viii. Bulb  Xenon discharge bulb 12 W preferred; Quantity  2

p. Accessories

i. Standard attachment: 1 set

ii. Standard tool set: 1 set

iii. Floor mat:1 set

iv. Buzzer for back-up:1 set

v. Emergency flare: 1 set

vi. Air conditioner:1 set

vii. Hose for cleaning:1 set (with nozzle and more than 8 meter in length)

viii. Drain hose:1 set (75 mm dia. X 4 meter with cock)

ix. Water poring hose:1 set (75 mm x 4 meter);May be omitted if the water intake mechanism does not require water poring hose.

xi. Gutter brush with core:2 sets with scattering prevention unit

xii. Sweeping brush with core:1 set; May be omitted if the sweeping brush does not require sweeping brush.

xiii. Suction brush:2 sets

q. Free Spare parts Supported :The following provided spare parts for free

i. Tire with wheel    One (1) for each type of tire

ii. Fuse:The same number and types as used.

iii. Gutter brush with core:4 sets with scattering prevention unit

iv. Suction brush:4 sets

v. LED display unit (block) :2 sets

vi. Power supply unit (printed circuit board) :1 set

vii. Control unit (printed circuit board):1 set

viii. Bulb for warning light:2 pieces each for the types used.


2.3  Main Specifications


a. Auxiliary Engine JX493 57KW Diesel Engine

b. Waste Hopper 8 M3

c. Working Type Pure Suction

d. Dumping Device Hydraulic Automatic 

e. Working Temperature() 50℃——﹢50

f. Monitor Led Monitor, Infrared Night Vision

g. Emission Standard Gb17691-2005(Euro )

h. Dimension 5990×1990×2545

i. Max.Grain Diameter(Mm) 120mm

j. Cleaning Rate 99%

k. Dust Sucking Rate More Than 99%

l. Continuous Working Hours H 24 Hours

m. Road Roughness Requirements Not More Than 10%



Its customers have chosen CSCTRUCK products mainly because:

1)They have ultimate performance for very dirty roads

2)The design of the machine are made for maximum efficiency and minimum consumption (for both fuel and brushes)

3)The flexibility of the production department, which facilitates the ability to adapt the machine to local requirements

4) All the critical parts in our products are from worldwide suppliers, so it is easy to find a dealer everywhere in the world if something were to happen.

5) Continuous innovations that make the difference.

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