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Stainless Steel Water Tank Semitrailer

  • Item No:9340GYY
  • Model:CSC9340GYY   
  • Capacity:40,000L  
    Driving Mode:3Axles  
  • Price: $35500

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Stainless Steel Water Tanker Semitrailer   

Nomial Loading Capacity of Truck:  40, 000L- 2C 3 Axles

1. Main Application

CSCTRUCK Fuel tanker semi-trailer, fitted with 2 or 3 axles, is designed for fuel transportation with drinking water capacity ranging from 30-50 CBM. Reliable API valves, Reliable Manhole Cover are fitted for it. 

2.Steel Fuel Tank Semitrailer Specification


i.Overall length,mm:  11.500
ii.Overall height,mm:  2.800
iii.Overall width ,mm:  2.480

iv.Tare Weight,kg  :  90000-12000
Dimensions mentioned here are approximations



i.  Material Stainless steel, 304#
ii. Shape Self-bearing tank with rectangular shape with low center of gravity
iii. Thickness of shell   5 mm 
iv. Thickness of heads  6 mm 
v. Thickness of baffles 4 mm 
vi Volume 40, 000 L +/- 5% expansion space
vii. Compartments nos. 2;



The baffle should be wide enough for man and the middle holes of different baffles should not be symmetrical.
Top access Steel ladder and fold-able handrail; Walkway with anti-slip material covering the complete length of the tank .Coating Internal white anti corrosive anti static coating .Tank equipment per compartment.



Heavy Duty I Beam Chassis


i. 2 unit 16'Size stainless steel manhole cover with filling opening;
ii. Pressure relief valve
iii.Outlet Valve: 2' stainless steel ball valve with cam-lock coupling under the right rear side.
iv. Discharge Method Gravity.


i. Dual line air braking WABCO with ABS
ii. Energy storage air parking brake


i. 3 nos.FUWA(brand) axles with air suspension system one axle lifting
ii. FUWA(brand)landing legs 2-speed
iii. FUWA(brand) kingpin 2'(bolted)
iv. 13 tires 11.00R20 on steel rim including 1 spare

i. Complete 24V system
ii. Rear lighting with rear, stop, parking, direction, fog, reverse lights, side lights
iii. the wire should be surrounded by pipe and locate under either side.


i. Tool box
ii. Hose carriers on both sides, lockable
iii. Mudguards
iv. Steel side undersides
v. Fire extinguishers 2 units
vi Spare wheel carriers(1) winch type

Painting in color according to customer's wish




i. Multi Hydraulic System,functioning from up to down and side to side


iii. Wooden Floor

iv. Carbon steel tanker, alu tanker ,Steel cover plastic tanker.

v. Air suspension system.

vi. Custom design acceptable.

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