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Transport Management System includes Load Planning, Vehicle Scheduling, Route optimization and Driver Management for easily manages all Transport Needs.

Logistics providers are faced with numerous challenges, most notably reducing transportation time, controlling rising fuel and vehical costs and compliance with statutory regulations. Krawler's Transportation Management module helps users meet these challenges by providing powerful scheduling and planning tools with business intelligence capabilities. 

Load PlanningThe system maintains proper balance of loads to maximize usage of space and capacity of each vehicle using Cube and weight, Pallet count and weight, user-defined measurements and weight and permitted temperature levels. It also takes into account the shipment consolidation using multiple orders to same ship to address geographical zone scheduling.

Vehicle SchedulingSchedule vehicles for optimal usage and cost savings using rule based driver assignment and select most efficient mode of transport (type of truck). That apart, the up-to-date order status and driver location data, automated alerts and event management, distance determination features help to optimize the vehicle scheduling.

The solid waste driver training courses are focused on the refuse (garbage) truck driver for roll off, front load, rear load, and automated side load trucks.  These courses are a general guideline on how to operate these trucks in a safe manner.


No matter what you call it, waste, garbage, refuse, or the solid waste industry, WIT’s courses are focused solely on training for this industry.  We provide OSHA and operational training for the solid waste refuse garbage collection truck driver along with the maintenance, office, dispatch, and sales staff.  Our operating courses are ideal for a new driver providing the classroom operations training on the common vehicles used in the industry.

Better trained garbage truck drivers drive down costsStudies by the Universities of Utah, Iowa and Arizona (in conjunction with the Utah DOT, Iowa DOT and Arizona DOT) show that drivers who receive L-3 DPA simulator training have:

Reduced accidents
Reduced cost of accidents
Higher fuel efficiency
Reduced training time
They achieved these improvements, regardless of their years of experience. It also enabled them to select better recruits. Simulation training also:

Reduces companies’ insurance costs by reducing their liability exposure. (Simulator-trained drivers can sometimes qualify for personal insurance discounts, as high as 10 to 15%. Ask your insurance agent.)
Reduces capital investment for vehicles. By employing simulators for training, vehicles are spared heavy use, require less maintenance and last longer overall.

Training: An operating and maintenance training for the buyer personnel is provided in our factory for 2 days till it’s believed all necessary details are shared.If it’s requested , our technical team (consisting 2 technician) could also travel to the buyer’s homeland in order to provide this training. In this case, all transportation and accommodation costs ( visas – plane tickets – airline fees – motorway transportation –hotel room – meals etc.) on route of “Hubei China – Buyer’s Field – Hubei China” is undertaken by the buyer. Normally, total training time doesn’t get longer than 2 days with all necessary conditions are met.Operating and maintenance manuals and CD's in English language.

Driver ManagementMaintain records of driver activities and performance and evaluate driver capability and productivity.

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