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Refuse Packer Rear Loader

  • Item No:DFL3120B
  • Model:CSC5120ZYSB  
  • Capacity:5.5CBM  
    Driving Mode:4x2  
  • Price: $38300

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Refuse Packer Rear Loader /5.5CBM -4x2

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Model: CSC5120ZYSB

Drive Mode: 4 * 2(LHD)

Nominal Volume of Body: appox 5.5m³

Nomial Volume of tailgate: approx 1.0m³

Nominal Loading Capacity,kg: 4200

Gross Tare Weigth,kg: 8300

Overall Dimension,mm: 7680×2460×2920

Wheelbase,mm: 3800


1: Refuse Packer Rear Loader Chassis Specification

1.1   Main Application

For haulage of solid waste/refuse of average density of 900kg/m3 in and around sub-urban

centres of Accra where ambient temperatures are about 40 oC.


1.2 Engine Model : YC6J160-33 (DONGFENG YUCHAI )

High Pressure Common Rail, Water-cooled,intercooling turbchargeing system, four-stroke cycle diesel engine with the following features:-

a. Vertical ,in line        

b. Flywheel horsepower: 160hp(118kw)@2500rpm; Torque 520(N.m)/ 1700 (rpm)

c. Displacement 6700ml ;Engine manufactuer DONGFENG CUMMINS, model: YC6J160-33

i.Fuel tank cap with security lock

ii.Mechanical fuel injection pump

iii. Auxiliary fuel tank available

iii.Mechanical Governor

iv. Sufficient capacity to run the engine for not less than 20 hours for normal operating conditions.

d. Radiator fins and tubes to be made of copper

e. Natural aspiration

f. Pre-ignition heating system, Ignition system of engine have starter

g. Euro 4 emission standard


1.3 Cabin:

a. Short cabin,Full steel skeleton structure, covered with double layer steel plate;Can be tipped forwardly;High back damper seat with arm seat for driver;With inner A/C; with low temperature starting system, Cab be connected to the frame through buffer.Cab door’s windows could open and close easily.

b.Three person seating capacity front specify as :

i. Driver seat could be adjustable for high, front and rear movement, With seat belts. equipped with an absorber.

ii. Co-driver seat and mid-seat. With seat belts .

iii.Seats cushioned with weather resistant heavy duty vinyl

iv. Rear row with bunk.

c. Cold/hot airconditioner equipped

i. for Heating and cooling systems

ii. capable of maintaining a cabin temperature of +16°C in range of outside temperatures from -40°C to +40.

iii. Defrosting system that blow from below and is able to remove front and side frosting be provided.

d. Wide view toughened (Lamina-ted) wind screen for safety protection, and other glass be made with safety glass.

e. Full screen Two (2 No.) wipers sepcify as :

i. 2-speed plus “Intermittent operation”

ii. The wiper blades could be used during heavy snow and frosting when temperatures reach -40°C to +40°C.

f.Cab-interior be equipped with the followings:

i. Short-wave radio, tape player,

ii. Cigarette lighter

iii. Cup holder,

iv. Small thermos holder and other necessities for driver and passengers comfort.

v. Extingushers 2 nos.


g. Interior cabin, insulation and other accessories be covered with crack resistant in cold condition and made from non-combustible materials rubber paved in floor.



1.4 Chassis Frame

a. Light-duty all strong steel constructed frame to be reinforced with cross members

b. Fitted with metal bow hooks front and rear.

c. Front bumper be made from strong metal.

d. Front fenders have mudflaps

e. Full rear steel mudguards with mud flaps


1.5 Transmission PTO and Drive Line

a.Constant speed synchromesh gearbox.

b.Floor-mounted manual shift gear lever

c. 9 speed forward and 2 speed reverse

d. Max. geared speed: 85km/h

e.Manufacturer's standard PTO box is provided

f.6x 4

g.Gradability (max restart gradient off highway at GVW): 28%

h. Min turning radius > 11.5m

i. Brake distance >5m


1.6 Clutch

a. Single dry frictional discHydraulic boosting .

b. Specify diameter Φ430mm

1.7 Steering:

a. Whole circulation in ball, hydraulic booster ;Power assistance steering

b. Right hand steering control

1.8 Brakes

a. Service brake, Brake gap can be adjusted automatically, double circulation air brake system

b. Assistant brake, Engine exhaust brake

c. Park brake, Potential springs pressing on middle and rear wheels

d. Foot-operated engine brake


1.9 Axles

a. Front axle Double-shoe pneumatic brake, non-driving steering axle

b.Rear axle Double-shoe pneumatic brake, ductile casting casing, with hub redactor, double reduction driving axle

c. Rear axle rating: 8380kg maximum

d. Rigid I beam front axle,loading 4315kg maximum

1.10 Suspension


i. Heavy duty semi-elliptic metal leaf spring

ii.Double acting telescopic parallel steel shock absorber .


i.Heavy duty semi-elliptic metal leaf spring

ii.Second stage helper spring


1.11 Wheels ,Rims&Tires

a.Four wheels. Pneumatic tires capable of being driven in snow, muddy roads and off road.

b.Good quality heavy-duty off road type suitable to full load rating, maximum speed and working conditions

c. Manufacturer's standard rims/ tires meet the following specifications: 

i.Tyre size: 9.00R20,Ridus tire (ALL WHEELS)

ii.Tube tires with flaps

iii.Bias Construction

iv.Ply rating; 16 PR,

v. Rim type:  Slip-on type with ring locker,9.00

1.12 Electric System

a. 2*12V/180Ah

b. Generator 28V-35A ;could be capable of working at -40°C

c. Starter 5.4Kw/24V

d. Two headlights minimum; high/ low beam

e. Tail/stoplights

f. Direction signal lights for front and rear

g. Reversing light

h. Parking light

i. Number plate lights

j. Vehicle have additional external lights for the machinery’s work equipment, operation panel and work area.

k. Battery to be contained in an insulated box.


1.13 Instrumentation

a.Adequate instrumentation to be made up of service indicators as well as advance hazard warning devices. It shall include the following:

i.Fuel gauge

ii.Engine Coolant temperature gauge

iii.Engine oil level gauge

iv.Engine oil pressure gauge

v.Battery charging indicator

vi.Parking brake light

vii.Filters and fuel-water separator service indicators

viii.Speedometer and Odometer

ix.Reversing alarm

x.Engine speed tachometer

xi. Vandalism protection for instrument panel required


1.14 Protective Provision & Finish for Truck Chassis

a. Anti-corrosion provi-sions for the truck

For corrosion resistance be coated with 2 coats of oxide primer(or similar)on the inner and outer sides of the container,2 coats of synthetic enamel orange painting (or similar) on the outside and 2 coats of black expoxy paint(or similar)on the inner side.Paint must be resistant to abrasion and aggressive environments.

b. Final colour olive green.

2. Refuse Packer Rear Loader Superstructuer

2.1 Structurer:

a. Smooth side wall with suitable reinforements in left , right and top.Front frame with stong beams to support the main hydraulic cylinder(push-out-plate cylinder).Beams welded by sub-merge weilding machine.


2.2  Super Structurer & Accessories


a.   Loading/Discharge System The system had comprised the following:


i.Lifting/Tipping gear

ii.Hydraulic Control System for the tipping/lifting gear

b.   Lifting

i. Compaction capacity: 5.5 cubic meters

ii.Compact all steel construction of beam with all welded joints to be of the continuous welding type.


2.3 Subframe: Full sub-frame with flexible mounting fixed to the truck chassis by horse bolts.Sub-frame and chassis medium with wooden plates.


2.4   Ejection Plate:Moves on rails situated inside the body with easy replaceable polyamide shoes,with one main double acting hydraulic cylinder to move the push-out-plate.


2.5 Tailgate:Tailgate connectd to body with top hinges.Rubber seal between tailgate and body to prevent dirty water leakage.Dirty water tank under the tailgate with discharge tap under the hopper.Structure consist of :one sledage,one shovel, hopper and hydraulic cylinder.


2.6 Material

a.Carbon steel made of Q235B


i.Body Side        4mm

ii.Body Floor       5mm

iii. Hopper Bottom  5mm

iv. Hopper Sides   5mm


2.7   Hydraulic System

a.Two lift cylinders two jacks hydraulic system.

b.Hydraulic pump be driven from the PTO; shaft drive from transmission.

c.Full-flow filtration of hydraulic oil required

d. Pressure limiting valves for controlling pressures; specify type double-acting single piston rod oil cylinder

e.Compltete system consisting of total 11 sets of cylinders specify as followings:

i.One double acting telescoic cylinder for push-out plate

ii.Two hydraulic cylinder for tailgate opening

iii.Two hydraulic cylinder for sledge

iv.Two hydraulic cylinder for pushing the shovel

v.Two hydraulic cylinder for turning angle for shovel

vi.Two hydraulic cylinder for lifting the back tiltable bins(container)

vii. Oil tanker of 60liters for 6cbm, 80liters for 8-10cbm,100liters for 12-20cbm garbage truck,oil tanker with uction/return filters and level indicator.

viii.Safety vavles on tailgate to prevent sudden fall of tailgate during maintaenance and discharging of refuse.                             


f.Type of hydraulic pump and its performance characteristics

i.Double-acting single piston rod oil cylinder.

ii.Capacity from 8Kpa-16Kpa;oil cylinder diameter from 40mm-320mm.

iii.Operating cycle time,loading 39.5s;dumping 84.5s

iv.Hopper opening 68.2°;garbage gox opeing angle 47.3°


2.8   Control System: Manual,with levers


2.9 Protective Provision & Finish for Compaction system

a.Specify anti-corrosion provi-sions for the Compaction system

b. Final colour finish white.

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