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CSCTRUCK is a Share owned enterprise, we are conscious of our responsibility towards the future generations and for us environmental protection is not merely a lip service. Already for years, we at CSCTRUCK have paid attention to sustainability in production of trucks & trailers and therefore develop futuristic products, establishing a new plant in ecology and economy domain located in Hubei .When it comes to production of vehicles, sustainability remains very much in focus. We consider it our primary duty and responsibility to push forward innovations even about the environment. We promote the use of renewable energy sources and reduction in CO2 emissions.

This exacting company philosophy requires creative and professional treatment of all our co-workers. With the minimal effort a maximum of expectations of our customers and the general public is fulfilled concerning the quality of our products as well as our performance in the field of environment protection.

CSCTRUCK’s commitment to abide by the principle of the quality and environment is the goals and foundation of our activities in all sections of our company.

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