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Mission & Values  We're committed  to providing a quality product with exceptional service.
CSCTRUCK has chosen to grow together with its employees, suppliers, and customers and to become a world brand in the on-board equipment sector, as its main target.  5% of our profit helps to strengthen our communities.

Mission:To provide greener and better future for our customer and community.

Vision:Becoming a leading engineering solution provider by integrating global technology.

To Our Customers:

We care for every customer who puts his trust in us. We make a difference by customizing the best possible solutions to meet the customers’ unique requirements to stay ahead

 •With a production understanding based on customer satisfaction,
•Always protection consumer rights with sales and after-sales supports,
•Utilizing an awareness closely pursuing technological developments,
•Always acting consciously in terms of environment and humans,
•Gathering its strength from the resolution and support of its employees,
•Endeavoring to succeed in the best for our country, customers, employees, business partners, and shareholders,
•The company has chosen its mission to continue to be the Leader in its sector, by expanding in domestic and foreign markets.
To Our Suppliers & Partners: We care for every supplier who partners with us. We strive towards the common aims in working as a single team for the benefit of all parties in the long term.

To Our Employees:We care for every employee who works for us. We value their creative innovation and professional contribution in serving both the individual and corporate interests of CSCTRUCK.

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