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Isuzu Skip Loader Garbage Truck

  • Item No:QL11609KFRY
  • Model:CSC11609KFRY  
  • Capacity:10CBM  
    Driving Mode:4 x 2  
  • Price: $58000

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TRUCK CHASSIS  ISUZU FTR 4×2 wheel formula
Type Turbocharged & intercooled diesel engine. Precision electronic controls, multi-stage injection, combustion and exhaust gas recirculation, bipolar fuel filters.
Fuel Injection BOSCH high pressure common rail injection.
Horsepower 139 KW(190HP) @2600rpm
Torque 510 N.m @1600 /r/min
Displacement 5.193L / 4 cylinders
Emission Standard Euro 4
Fuel Tank Capacity 200liters
Structurer Day cab-steel cabin , Hardtop,60° tiltable
Cabin 3 seats, with seat belts,
Instrumentation i.Fuel gauge, oil level gauge, oil pressure gauge, speed tachometer
ii.Engine Coolant temperature gauge
iii.Battery charging indicator
iv.Parking brake light ,Reversing alarm
v.Filters and fuel-water separator service indicators
vi.Speedometer and Odometer
vii. A/C,CD,Radio ; Cigar Lighter
Type Push type, dry single plate; hydraulic actuation
Disc Φ450mm
Gearbox Model MLD-6Q
Type Floor-mounted, manual shift gear lever
Torque of Gearbox 668N.m
Speed 6+1 
Max. Geared Speed 95km/h
Power Take Off Manufacturer's standard PTO box is provided
Wheel Drive Rear two wheels drive with 4×2 wheel formula
Structuer Electrophoresis ;Heavy-duty double all steel constructed frame to be reinforced with cross members.
Frame Sectional Modulus 258mm×85mm×8+4mm
Type Hydraulic power assistance steering
Drive Mode Left hand steering control
Front Double acting telescopic shock absorbers ,7pcs spring
Rear Second stage helper spring,7+5 pcs
Rear Axle Rating 10,000kg; Hub reduction floating rear axle
Front Axle Rating 6,000kg; Rigid I beam
Parking Brake Rear wheels
Front/Rear Drum/Drum
ABS/Auxiliary Brake Standard/Exhause brakes
Quantity 6+1spare 
Tire Size 11.00R20, (ALL WHEELS)
Ply Rating 16PR

APPLICATION CSCTRUCK Skip loader garbage truck ,dumper placer system is developed on ISUZU FTR Truck chassis and depending upon the container capacity is meant for all small or big Municipalities . The System with the loaded container is transported to the dumping site and the same is tipped hydraulically to discharge its load. It is simple, easy and convenient to operate.
Tipping Container Loading Height 1,400mm
Lifting Capacity 10,000kg max
Ground Clearance 1150mm approx.
Lifting Height 3800mm approx.
Max Dump Angle 145 °approx.
Dump Angle 85° approx.
Operating Cycle Time ≤60s@2000r/min(loading dumping )at rated pump speed
Unloading Cycle Time 20s@2000r/min.
Placer Swing Range 2500mm ~ 2700mm
Chain Tensile Forece 64kN approx.
Lift Cylinder 2
Cylinder Type Upper end telecopic jib ;Double acting Type of hydraulic pump
Performance Pressures 16Mpa
Capacity Of Hydraulic Reservoir 60L
Lift Cylinder Capacity 34tons vertically
Rear Support Jacks  Two jacks in the rear supporting legs; Hydraulic controlled.
Hydraulic Pump Famous Chinese brand
P.T.O Famous Chinese brand
Output Torque of P.T.O 320(NM)N•m,ratio= 1.20(ψ)
Filtration Of Hydraulic Oil Offered
Container capacity 12m3
Overall Dimension As our design
Material Fabricated with high carbon steel
Plate Thickness Bottom plate 6mm; Sidewalls plate 4mm 
Lifting Pin  4 nos.
Locking Rod At the bottom to enable tipping
Wheelbase 3900mm
Length 7000mm~7800mm(As our design)
Width 2465mm
Height 3390mm(As our design)
Front Overhang 1335mm
Rear Overhang 1300mm
Gross Vehicle Weight 16000kg
Truck Payloading 8800kg
Chassis Weight 4600kg
Super Structuer Weight 2480kg
TRAINING An operating and maintenance training for the buyer personnel is provided in our factory for 2 days till it’s believed all necessary details are shared.If it’s requested , our technical team (consisting 2 technician) could also travel to the buyer’s homeland in order to provide this training. In this case, all transportation and accommodation costs ( visas – plane tickets – airline fees – motorway transportation –hotel room – meals etc.) on route of “Suizhou – Buyer’s Field – Suizhou” is undertaken by the buyer. Normally, total training time doesn’t get longer than 2 days with all necessary conditions are met.
WARRANTY This equipment is under our warranty for any fault which caused by manufacturing,material and worker errors for 1 year after date of delivery.

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