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Combined Vacuum Suction & Sewer Cleaning Truck

  • Item No:1627GAP
  • Model:CSC1627GAP  
  • Capacity:8,000L  
    Driving Mode:4 x 4  
  • Price: $83000

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Combined High Pressure Vacuum Suction

And Sewer Cleaning Trucks

Model: CSC1627GAP

Drive Mode: 4 * 4(off road)

Volume: Sludge Tank 5000 lt., Fresh Water Tank 3000 lt.

Nominal Loading Capacity: 7,910kg

Gross Tare Weigth: 7,960kg

Overall Dimension: 8826mm*2500mm*3140mm

Wheelbase: 4,800mm

Part 1: Combined High Pressure Vacuum Suction & Sewer Cleaning Truck Chassis Specification

1.1 General Information:

The combination of jetting and vacuum truck is from the manufacturers’ standard range of production and current supply, brand new and guaranteed from all type of defects, produced in 2013.We also accept custom designed structuered tank trucks. All equipment and parts are fully assembled with standard fittings, tested, ready for immediate use, and suitable for continuous operation in the ambient conditions at altitudes up to 3000 meters and within temperature range from –40°C to +40°C.


1.2 Engine Model : WD615.56 (WEICHAI POWER )

Water cooled, Margin of emission for poisonous fumes must meet the Euro-2 standard diesel engine with the following features:-

a. Four stroke cycle,direct injection, vertical ,in line,6-cylinders ,turbocharged.    

b. Flywheel horsepower: 260hp(193kw)@2200rpm, displacement 9726ml

c. Torque and engine speed 1100(N.m)/1300~1600 (rpm)

d. Fuel tank capacity: 400 litres

i.Fuel tank cap with security lock

ii.Mechanical fuel injection pump

iii. Auxiliary fuel tank available

iii.Mechanical Governor

iv. Sufficient capacity to run the engine for not less than 20 hours for normal operating conditions.

f. Radiator fins and tubes to be made of copper

g. Natural aspiration

h. Pre-ignition heating system, Ignition system of engine have starter


1.3 Cab Model:NG80B

a. Short cabin,Full steel skeleton structure, covered with double layer steel plate;Can be tipped forwardly;High back damper seat with arm seat for driver;With inner A/C; with low temperature starting system, Cab be connected to the frame through buffer.Cab door’s windows could open and close easily.

b.Three person seating capacity front specify as :

i. Driver seat could be adjustable for high, front and rear movement, With seat belts. equipped with an absorber.

ii. Co-driver seat and mid-seat. With seat belts .

iii.Seats cushioned with weather resistant heavy duty vinyl

iv. Rear row with bunk.

c. Cold/hot airconditioner equipped

i. for Heating and cooling systems

ii. capable of maintaining a cabin temperature of +16°C in range of outside temperatures from -40°C to +40.

iii. Defrosting system that blow from below and is able to remove front and side frosting be provided.

d. Wide view toughened (Lamina-ted) wind screen for safety protection, and other glass be made with safety glass.

e. Full screen Two (2 No.) wipers sepcify as :

i. 2-speed plus “Intermittent operation”

ii. The wiper blades could be used during heavy snow and frosting when temperatures reach -40°C to +40°C.

f.Cab-interior be equipped with the followings:

i. Short-wave radio, tape player,

ii. Cigarette lighter

iii. Cup holder,

iv. Small thermos holder and other necessities for driver and passengers comfort.

v. Extingushers 2 nos.


g. Interior cabin, insulation and other accessories be covered with crack resistant in cold condition and made from non-combustible materials rubber paved in floor.



1.4 Chassis Frame

a. Heavy-duty all strong steel constructed frame to be reinforced with cross members

b. Fitted with metal bow hooks front and rear.

c. Front bumper be made from strong metal.

d. Front fenders have mudflaps

e. Full rear steel mudguards with mud flaps

f. Specify the following:

i.Frame sectional modulus :290mm× 80mm×  (8+6)mm

ii.Tensile strength of frame material Q235A high strength steel.


1.5 Transmission Model: 9JS135(FAST Brand),PTO and Drive Line

a.Constant speed synchromesh gearbox.

b.Floor-mounted manual shift gear lever

c. 9 speed forward and 1 speed reverse

d. Max. geared speed: 90km/h

e.Manufacturer's standard PTO box is provided

f.4x 4 FWD truck

g.Gradability (max restart gradient off highway at GVW): 40%

h. Min turning radius > 15m

i. Brake distance >8m


1.6 Clutch

a. Single dry frictional disc,Hydraulic boosting .

b. Specify diameter Φ430mm

1.7 Steering Model: ZF 8098(Germany ZF Techology)

a. whole circulation in ball, hydraulic booster ;Power assistance steering

b. Left hand steering control

1.8 Brakes

a. Service brake, Brake gap can be adjusted automatically, double circulation air brake system

b. Assistant brake, Engine exhaust brake

c. Park brake, Potential springs pressing on middle and rear wheels

d. Foot-operated engine brake


1.9 Axles

a. Front axle (Mercedes Technology) Double-shoe pneumatic brake, non-driving steering axle

b.Rear axle (Mercedes Technology) Double-shoe pneumatic brake, ductile casting casing, with hub redactor, double reduction driving axle

c. Rear axle rating: 13,000kg maximum

d. Rigid I beam front axle,loading 8,000kg maximum

1.10 Suspension


i. Heavy duty semi-elliptic metal leaf spring

ii.Double acting telescopic parallel steel shock absorber .


i.Heavy duty semi-elliptic metal leaf spring

ii.Second stage helper spring


1.11 Wheels ,Rims&Tires

a.Four wheels. Pneumatic tires capable of being driven in snow, muddy roads and off road.

b.Good quality heavy-duty off road type suitable to full load rating, maximum speed and working conditions

c. Manufacturer's standard rims/ tires meet the following specifications: 

i.Tyre size: 12.00-R20,Ridus tire (ALL WHEELS)

ii.Tube tires with flaps

iii.Bias Construction

iv.Ply rating; 16 PR,

v. Rim type:  Slip-on type with ring locker,9.00-20

vi. Pressure  630kPa off road,490kPa on road.

1.12 Electric System

a. 2*12V/180Ah

b. Generator 28V-35A ;could be capable of working at -40°C

c. Starter 5.4Kw/24V

d. Two headlights minimum; high/ low beam

e. Tail/stoplights

f. Direction signal lights for front and rear

g. Reversing light

h. Parking light

i. Number plate lights

j. Vehicle have additional external lights for the machinery’s work equipment, operation panel and work area.

k. Battery to be contained in an insulated box.


1.13 Backup Equipment & Accessories

a. Wheel chocks - 2 pieces

b. A complete set of operator tools for maintenance and servicing (complex socket wrenches including box-end, breaker bar, open-ended and adjustable wrenches, special screwdriver, gauge for electric diagnostic)

c. Vehicle jack - 1 piece, capable work in range of temperature -40°C to +35° C bottom pad at ground be made from metal materials. Capable of raising the vehicle from any point on the rear axle. An adjustable extension rod for lifting should be attached as well.

d. Spare wheel (completely assembled tire and rim) - 1 set, attached to the chassis for transportation and with a separate lock.

e.Spare parts: Fuel, engine oil, air and hydraulic filters - 3 sets of each type.


1.15 Protective Provision & Finish for Truck Chassis

a. Anti-corrosion provi-sions for the truck

For corrosion resistance be coated with 2 coats of oxide primer(or similar)on the inner and outer sides of the container,2 coats of synthetic enamel orange painting (or similar) on the outside and 2 coats of black expoxy paint(or similar)on the inner side.Paint must be resistant to abrasion and aggressive environments.

b. Final colour olive green.

Part 2: Combined High Pressure Vacuum Suction & Sewer Cleaning Truck Superstructuer Specification

2.1 Features

a. Combined operation of sucking and high-pressure cleaning

b. Separate compartments for water and sludge

c. Discharging with pneumatically operated piston            


2.2 Main Specfications

a. Capacity 8000liters,5,000liters vac tipping tank,3,000liters water tank truck.

b.Max Vertical Suction(deepth)=8m

c. Degree of Vacuum: 90% or above; With an adjustable water pressure valve

d. P.T.O.: 1,500-m~2,000-m;With High Pressure Pump

e. With an automatic release valve to avoid the excess of pressure limit

f. Tank Full loading Time5min

g. Tank Empty unloading Time10min

h. 7 meters deep x 110mm wide is easily achievable.


2.3 Principal Features


a.Vac & Water Tank:

i. Volume: 8.000 liters divided in two parts; sludge tank 5000 lt., fresh water tank 3000 lt.

ii. Vacuum tanker Mounting: Vac Tank is mounted to an auxiliary chassis with hinges from rear side, according to the regulations of truck chassis' manufacturer. Tank is mounted to this auxiliary chassis with making a slope of 3 - 4 degrees with horizontal plane to provide easy emptying by gravitation. Have a high pressure vacuum pump;Tanker have level indicator;Interior part of sewage tank be coated with anti-corrosion paint and be polished over the first painting using substance of epoxy and polyurethane;Protected from freezing in winter time;Water be fully emptied when be discharged from tanker;Inside of tanker have inside partitions to avoid of splash over and swinging of water; have suction hose set and special containers for all suction hoses.

iii. Sludge suction: Manually controlled, 4" and 5" suction valves with a quick coupling.

iv. Sludge discharge: Manually controlled, gate type, 6" discharge valve with a quick coupling.

v. Water tanker Mounting: Water Tank is mounted to an auxiliary chassis, according to the regulations of truck chassis' manufacturer. Interior part of tank corrosion-resistant;Protected from freezing in winter time; Water fully emptied when be discharged from tanker; Inside of tanker have inside partitions avoid splash over and swinging of water; Hatch of water tank be sealed from spill over of water and include an air breather; A sign ’’PURE WATER” visible from 50 m distance to be attached to or painted on water tank.

vi Fresh water inlet: By a diameter of DN80 camlock coupling  manually operated valves for opening and closing.

vii. Manhole: Located on the fresh water compartment with a dia. of 500 mm. lockable cover.

viii. Painting: Inside of the tank is painted with two layers of epoxy paint for the maximum endurance against corrosion. Outside of the tank is painted with two layers primer and two finish layers of protective paint for the maximum endurance against enviromental difficulties. (Outside color can be chosen by the end user)


b. Vacuum Pump:

i. JUROP PN125D (Made in Italy). Air cooling with fans. Incorporated oil pump, incorporated check valve, incorporated change over valve, incorporated non-return valve.

ii. Mounting: Vacuum pump be located under the vacuum tank.

iii. Installation: Air installation is constructed with steel pipes.

iv. Air capacity: 720 m3/hour (13,200lt/min. free air)

v. Rotation speed :D 1300 rpm,M540,M1000

vi. Max Vacuum: % 92

vii. Absolute pressure:1.5bar


c.Safety System:

i. Safety system: Mounted on the top of the tank, with a stainless steel floating ball - shut off system.

ii. Safety system Mounted on the vacuum installation between vacuum pump and first safety system, with a stainless steel floating ball - shut off system. It consists of a 70-liter overflow tank and manual discharging valve.

iii. Pressure relief system: Mounted on the vacuum installation , providing the secure working conditions in case of excessive pressure force created in the vacuum tank.

d. Water pump:

i. TIANJIN 3N2-SZ, made in China. High pressure water plunger pump.

ii. Max Pressure:160 bar. (16 Mpa)

iii. Max Flow: 106 lt./min. (6,36 m3/h)

iv. Pump body in cast iron

v. Crankshaft made of nitrited, hardened and tempered alloy steel

vi. Guide pistons in surface-treated spheroidal cast iron

vii. Plungers made of stainless steel with ceramic coating

viii. Valves made of stainless steel

xi. System Control: The system is driven by a control panel fixed on the backside of the tank and remote control for boom system. Control panel is made of stainless steel materials and contains the below sub units

e, Reels and Hoses:

i. Hose reels carrying the canal cleaning hoses are placed on the right lower corner of the tank and can be operated manually.

(a) Fixed high-pressure hose reel design (m)      150

(b) Small high-pressure hose reel design (m)     50


ii. Working pressure: 160 bar.

iii. Bursting Pressure: More than 160 bar.

iv. Manual hose reel: Mounted on the right lower corner of the tank. Manually controlled. Equipped with a water cleaning gun for clearance purposes.

v. Hydraulic system: Controls the hydraulically operated functions; rear door opening/closing /locking/unlocking.


f. Accessories:

i. High pressure gun: along by side of the tank

ii. Hose trays: 1 unit with 8-meter cable for the suction boom system

iii. Access lader: 200 kg lifting capacity

iv. Warning lamp: 1 unit fixed at the rear of the tank , 1 unit with 6 meter extension cable

v. Mud guard: Polyethylene, made for the rear wheels of the truck

vi. Suction hoses: Total of 16 meters, high endurance suction hoses with the following configuration.

(a) Dia. of 4", 4-meter suction hose, with quick couplings at the ends. (4 units)

(b) Water filling hose : 2 units , 10-meter length

vii. Other accessories : Toolbox, fire fighting set, jack, air hose with pressure meter;

viii. Training: An operating and maintenance training for the buyer personnel is provided in our factory for 2 days till it’s believed all necessary details are shared.If it’s requested , our technical team (consisting 2 technician) could also travel to the buyer’s homeland in order to provide this training. In this case, all transportation and accommodation costs ( visas – plane tickets – airline fees – motorway transportation –hotel room – meals etc.) on route of “Hubei China – Buyer’s Field – Hubei China” is undertaken by the buyer. Normally, total training time doesn’t get longer than 2 days with all necessary conditions are met.

ix. Operating and maintenance manuals and CD's in English language

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