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CSCTRUCK Tow Truck Rotator SKD Exporting

  • Item No:5317TQZZT
  • Model:CSC5317TQZZT  
  • Capacity:50000KG  
    Driving Mode:360 Degree Rotator   
  • Price: $0

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CSCTRUCK Tow Truck Rotator offering for your oversea buyer fitted on their on truck chassis .The super structurer would deliveried by semi knocked down loading with one pcs of 40HQ container and shipping  to any port in the world.

Together with the superstructurer deliveried with a installation guidelines easy for your equippments assembling,one year free spareparts for such rotator towing bodies.They are featured as followings:


◆The lifting mechanism lies in the back of the cab and can circumvolve 270°. Its boom can be telescopic and change amplitude..It is used to deal with motorcycles such as sling the motorcycles which take place accident, fail to work and violate the rules and regulations to the shipment platform of the Wrecker.
◆Hoisting mechanism lies in the Tail of recovery truck and is independent with lifting mechanism; the lifting of the arm adopts four-bar linkage with compact structure, and the hoisting adopt hydraulic driving bracket which can hold tire automatically. The arm can lift, flex, collapse and easy to operate. Wreckert is the most convenient and advanced hoisting mechanism at home and abroad.
◆Open circuit hydraulic system. The imported hydraulic parts such as Hydraulic Pump, multi-way valve and balance valve are famous international brands. The cylinder adopts high-quality imported seal and Cylinder Barrel and the hydraulic system work reliably.
◆Electric control system supplies many kinds of warning lamp, indicating signal light and 3 night-work lighting lamps for Wrecker.
◆To pull the vehicle whose tire can not move, for example, the recovery truck which parks violating rules an


d regulations and whose Parking Brake is difficult to loosen, the Wrecker has Four-wheel assistant dolly.
◆Wrecker has hand-tailored lifting cable for motorcycles. This kind of cable makes sure that the motorcycles can be lifted safely. And to fix the motorcycles it also has robe to bind motorcycles.


We recoomand chassis information for this superstructurer as following:

Vechicle Recommendation


86,000lbs (39,010kg)

Cab to Axle Distance

180” to235” cab to rear boggie (4200mm to 5300mm)

Shipping Details

1 X 40HQ Container



Click the Body Information to Know more about the 50tons 360degreed rotator towing super structurers.


CSCTRUCK  Rotator towing truck (also called a wrecker, a breakdown truck, recovery truck or a breakdown lorry), is a vehicle used to transport motor vehicles to another location (generally a repair garage), or to recover vehicles which are no longer on a drivable surface. Towing services are generally provided by an emergency road service operator. Vehicles are often towed in the case of breakdowns or collisions, or may be impounded for legal reasons.


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Loading Capacity: 50,000kg

Wrecker Type: 360 Degree Rotator

1.    Main Application

Innovation in Heavy-Duty Integrated Towing and Recovery Equipment For the right mix of power, performance and value, CSC5317TQZZT is the intelligent choice for heavy duty integrated towing and recovery equipment. Designed for extreme recovery operations, this rotator is capable of handling anything that you throw at it. CSCTRUCK versatile rotator with a fifty ton capacity, designed for heavy duty applications while retaining the ability to tow. The CSC5317TQZZT is what will distinguish you from your competition when trying to secure contracts or when pulling up to an accident scene.Our 50Tons tow truck rotator  is over-built to ensure durability and long-life; this will protect your investment and keep you on the road longer and hauling bigger wrecks safer and faster. This rotator can turn in a continuous motion due to its hydraulic octopus.

2.    Standard features include:

Two 55,000lbs and two 25,000lbs planetary winches


Three (03) stage boom

Independent 70,000lbs under lift



 Complete wireless and wired control

 4 sets of frame forks


 Hydraulic proportioning valves


  Tail board wire controls

  Bus bars;  Euro bars



3.    Options

a.   Front and rear four stage hydraulic out-riggers

b.  Aluminum body

c. Aluminum dress-up package

d. Custom body configurations

e. Custom wheel base configurations

f. Custom tool box configurations


4    Boom Specification


Three Stage, optional Two stage

Boom Rating (fully retracted)

100,000 lbs (45,360 kg) on first stage at 60 degrees

Boom Rating (fully extended)

25,000 lbs (11,340kg) at 60 degrees

Boom Elevation

60 degrees maximum

Maximum Hook Height

245” (6223mm)

Reach Past Tailboard at Min Angle


Winch Capacity

2x 50,000 lbs (22,815 kg)

2x 35,000 lbs (15,875 kg)

Optional 2x 35,000 lbs (15,875 kg) planetary side winders

Winch Type

Planetary Drive

Steel Cable

2x3/4 “x200’

Special Features

Dual Air Free Wheel,Dual Adjustable Air Tensioners


5.    Wheel Lift Specification


Lift Rating at Full Extension

25,000 lbs (11,300 kg)

Lift Rating Retracted

100,000 lbs (45,359 kg)

Tow Rating

100,000 lbs (45,359 kg)

Tilt Angles

+15 to -10 degrees

Reach Past Tailboard

64" (1625mm)

Maximum Reach Past Tailboard

158" (4000mm)


6.    Sliding Rotator Option

All three of our rotators are available in a sliding configuration with a 96” slide distance and hydraulic octopus providing continuous 360 degree rotation.

7.    General Option

Optional factory installed LED lighting and LED light bar available on all tow trucks. Additional frame forks available. Custom paint schemes upon request. Choice of primer base coat color. Stainless steel mechanics tool box(es) optional in tool boxes.

8.    We are loading as this

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