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CSCTRUCK Flatbed Carrier SKD Exporting

  • Item No:5102TQZWP
  • Model:CSC5102TQZWP  
  • Capacity:5,000KG  
    Driving Mode:4×2  
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CSCTRUCK Flatbed carrier wrecker truck offering for your oversea buyer fitted on their on truck chassis .The super structurer would deliveried by semi knocked down loading with one pcs of 40HQ container and shipping  to any port in the world.

Together with the superstructurer deliveried with a installation guidelines easy for your equippments assembling,one year free spareparts for such rotator towing bodies.They are featured as followings:


◆The lifting mechanism lies in the back of the cab and can circumvolve 270°. Its boom can be telescopic and change amplitude..It is used to deal with motorcycles such as sling the motorcycles which take place accident, fail to work and violate the rules and regulations to the shipment platform of the Wrecker.
◆Hoisting mechanism lies in the Tail of recovery truck and is independent with lifting mechanism; the lifting of the arm adopts four-bar linkage with compact structure, and the hoisting adopt hydraulic driving bracket which can hold tire automatically. The arm can lift, flex, collapse and easy to operate. Wreckert is the most convenient and advanced hoisting mechanism at home and abroad.
◆Open circuit hydraulic system. The imported hydraulic parts such as Hydraulic Pump, multi-way valve and balance valve are famous international brands. The cylinder adopts high-quality imported seal and Cylinder Barrel and the hydraulic system work reliably.
◆Electric control system supplies many kinds of warning lamp, indicating signal light and 3 night-work lighting lamps for Wrecker.
◆To pull the vehicle whose tire can not move, for example, the recovery truck which parks violating rules and regulations and whose Parking Brake is difficult to loosen, the Wrecker has Four-wheel assistant dolly.
◆Wrecker has hand-tailored lifting cable for motorcycles. This kind of cable makes sure that the motorcycles can be lifted safely. And to fix the motorcycles it also has robe to bind motorcycles.


We recoomand chassis information for this superstructurer as following:

Vechicle Recommendation

Minimum GVW 15,000 lbs ( 6804 kg)
Maximum GVW 28,000 lbs ( 12700 kg )
Recommend Tire Size 16" to 19.5" ( 406mm to 495mm )
Recommend Cab to Center of Rear Axle 127" to 156" ( 3226mm to 3962mm )based on deck size

Click the Body Information to Know more about the 50tons 360degreed rotator towing super structurers.


CSCTRUCK  Rotator towing truck (also called a wrecker, a breakdown truck, recovery truck or a breakdown lorry), is a vehicle used to transport motor vehicles to another location (generally a repair garage), or to recover vehicles which are no longer on a drivable surface. Towing services are generally provided by an emergency road service operator. Vehicles are often towed in the case of breakdowns or collisions, or may be impounded for legal reasons.


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Loading Capacity: 5,000kg

Wrecker Type: Flatbed Carrier Wrecker

1.    Main Application

CSC5102TQZWP economy carrier with flipper tail and 19' 6" deck (9 degree load angle). This flat bed is suitable for carrying all passenger vehicles, light duty trucks and light duty equipment. In tough times, the FB-5 is every owner or fleet operator's best friend.

Not only can you transport severely damaged vehicles, but you also have the capacity to grab another car on the ride to your lot using the independent wheel lift with swivel scoop pans. If calls are few and far between ,you can always transport light duty equipment or just about anything else . To help you keep organized, we include a single 36" under mount tool box, but optionally we offer many types of storage up to dual 72" tool boxes.

2.    Standard features include:

Steel checkered plate deck


Center mount worm gear winch

Maunal spring tensioner



 Rear independent wheel lift

 Aftermarket scoop swivel pans
8 degree fliper tail
One coulor paint black
Dual manual controls
Weather stripping on all tool box doors
Frame fork adapters
Multipable tie off points
Indepdent light pylon
Wheel pan holders


 Two sets(2)frame fork;Standard 19 feet 6inch deck


   3. Options
 02" wide deck
 Removanale rails
 Dual tool boxes
 Metro custome 72" inch tool boxes
 Custom paint and graphics
 Independent heah ache rack with tool boxes
 Custom instaltion
 Exetended warranty
 Additional forks or custom attachments
 Aluminuim dress up kit
 Wirless remote control
 Side mount winch
 Custom deck leghts

 Standard 36" inch tool box


4. Bed Specification
Deck Length 19' 6" (5944mm), optionally any custom length
Overall Width 96 (2438mm), optional 102 (2590mm)
Load Rating 10,000 lbs(4536kg)
Loading Angle 9 degrees automatic, operator adjustable to lower angles
Cross Members 21/2x 2cross beams with bridging between centers
Controls Monoblock five spool dual side controls
Winch 8,000 lbs (3629kg) worm gear including free wheel

5. Wheel Lift Specification
Lift Rating at Full Extension 4,000 lbs ( 1815 kg ), optionally 6,000 lbs ( 2722 kg )
Tow Rating 7,000 lbs (3175 kg)
Cross Bar Size 4X3

6.    We are loading as this

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