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Dear Dealer ,

Become a CSCTRUCK™ Dealer ,Reseller today and receive access to our upcoming online features such as online quoting, ordering, parts and services request, in-stock inventory lists, and exclusive training videos.

Certification/Education Requirements 

Designated individuals within the dealership may be required the Company Certification and any experience in vehicle business as a precondition to your dealership registration being granted or renewed as follows:The person in charge (i.e. the person who has been assigned primary responsibility for and has agreed to be accountable for compliance with the Act and its Regulations) will need to Have been the person in charge of any dealership since January 1, 2011 ,China Factory tour available.

Who needs to be registered as a motor vehicle dealer?

Anyone who is in the business of trading in motor vehicles, whether for their own account or the account of any other individual or business, or who holds themselves out as trading in motor vehicles. "Trading" includes buying, selling, leasing, advertising or exchanging an interest in a motor vehicle or negotiating or inducing or attempting to induce the buying, selling, leasing or exchanging of an interest in a motor vehicle.

How do I get registered as a motor vehicle dealer?

You need to submit an application to CSCTRUCK and have it approved. Once registered, you will receive a Authorization letter and Certificaitons from CSCTRUCK.


Getting and Maintaining Registration

Every registered dealer is assigned to a particular class of registration. There are different requirements depending on what class of registration you choose. These requirements are explained in the CSCTRUCK Certification Course and in the Business Application form. The following is a brief description of the classes of registration most often selected by registered dealers. If none of the classes described below fit your business, please contact Janathan by email: registration@csctrucks.com

The application is to be completed by sole proprietors, partnerships, limited partnerships or corporations applying for registration or reinstatement as a dealer.  Also, partnerships, limited partnerships or corporations who are “interested persons” in relation to a company applying for registration may be requested to complete this form.  Please review the Business Application Information section of this form before completing it.  For the purpose of this form, the “applicant” is the relevant sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, corporation identified in Section A and all authorized individuals.

Can a salesperson as dealer for CSCTRUCK ?

Yes. A salesperson can work for multiple dealers that are not commonly owned provided they have the written consent of all dealers involved. Detailed information about this process is contained in the Salesperson Change Notice. There is a $75 fee for a salesperson to add a new sponsoring dealership that is not commonly owned. As always, any salesperson can work for multiple dealerships if they are commonly owned provided CSCTRUCK receives written confirmation of common ownership between the dealerships. There is no fee for salespersons who are working for multiple dealerships that are commonly owned.

The applicants must complete the followings
arrow_right.jpg Click here to download the "Business Application.pdf"




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