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8CBM Mixer Truck for Sale

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  • Model:CSC5250GJBF  
  • Capacity:8CBM  
    Driving Mode:6*4  
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DONGFENG 8CBM Ready Mixer Truck

Truck Name:                     Concrete  mixer  truck

Trade Mark :                     CSCTRUCK

Vehicle Model                    CSC5251GJBA12

Color :                           White

Chasiss Model:                   DFL5251GJBA1
Driving Position:                  Light-hand drive(LHD)



Engine Model :                  dCi340-30   

Engine Brand:                   RENAULT
Max Power@Speed :             250Kw(340hp )@1900rmp  

Max Torque@Speed:             1500N.m/13001200rpm

Bore * Stoke :                   123×156mm

Displacement:                   11120ml

Compressing Ratio:              16.4:1

Cylinders:                       6 inline

Cooling:                         water cooling system;air-air cooled

Engine Type:                    Turbo charged,  Electric controlling unit(ECU)diesel engine.

Emission Standard :              Euro 3



Model:                        9JS150T-B

TansmissionType :             Mechanical(synchronizer)

Transmission Brand            FAST 9 Speed

Max Torque:                   1500 N*m



CLUTCH                    Φ430mm Hydraulic control with air assisted

AXLE                       Front loading capacity: 7000kgs;Rear Loading capacity: 13000kgs (Ratio:4.44)

CABIN                      Cabin Crew (persons) : D310-S1 Three (3 )allowed with one bunk with A/C

TYRE                       Spec.12.00R22.5

                            Tyre number :10+1spare tire

Chassis Fram               300×90×[8+8] mm(width- Front 940 ;Rear 860mm)

Suspension:                 Mechnical  9/13 leaf spring

STEERING                  ZF

LXWXH(mm)                8550×2500×3030
Tread(mm) :                 2027/1820/1820

Wheelbase:                 4000+1350mm

Approach /Departure angle:   30/30

Min.Ground Clearence(mm) :  250
Mar.Speed:                 75Km/h

Max.Grade Ability :           >35% .
Min.Turning Radius :         18 meters  approxmatedly

GVW:                       25000kgs

Tare Weight:                 9400kgs

Fuel Tank:                   200L Metalic

PTO                        Dongfeng 4speed


2. Superstructuer: 8M3 Cement Mixer Truck


2.1 Princinpal Features:

a. Mixing Drum

Made from high-strength and fine-grain steel alloy, the mixing drum has a service life 1.6 times longer than ordinary Q345A. The optimized design of mixing drum and spiral blades ensures wonderful concrete homogeneity, fast output rate, and low residue ratio.

Equipped with dual safety valves and dual one-way valves, the pneumatic water supply system is ensured of stability and safe traveling. The pressure water tank is equipped with automatic overflow and striking water level gauge. The three pipelines point¬to-point rinse is convenient and clean.

i.                     The large-pitch blade mixing drum of outstanding performance, high efficiency and oil-saving.

ii.                   First-class Configuration

iii.                  Oil Saving and High Efficiency

iv.                  Preeminent Mixing Performance, the mixing drum and the large-pitch mixing blade is design by adopting the emulation technology

v.                   Wearability, Made from the high-strength fine-grain alloy steel, the mixing drum and the mixing blade are 1.6 times as wearable as those of ordinary Q345A. 

vi.                  Large Capacity ,Large-pitch Blade



b. Hydraulic System

The split type hydraulic system of favorable radiation performance. The reducer with high reduction ratio effectively avoids the low-speed creeping of mixing drum. The optional intelligent hydraulic system is capable to realize constant speed of mixing drum and malfunction diagnosis. Loading force protection is adopted for engine. The delivery mode settings and operation with cable and remote control ensure high quality of concrete, low oil consumption and great economical efficiency.

The split type holds an ideal radiation performance and the reducer bears a high reduction ratio. Therefore, they not only lessen the abrasion and the internal leakage which result from the long-term use of hydraulic oil pump or motor, but also fruitfully obviate the low-speed creeping of mixing drum.

i. Intelligent Control Technology

ii. First-rank Configuration

iii. Clean and Economical

c. Operating System

The engine is of low noise and oil consumption as well as EURO II, III emission standard. The brake shoe is free of asbestos and the air conditioner refrigerant free of Freon-, good for environment protection and energy saving


d. Water Supply System


The double one-way valve, double safety valve and pressure reducing valve are adopted to control the return of air and water, avoid the abnormal fall of traveling brake pressure and ensure the safety of water supply system and traveling.

Free and Efficient Three Pipelines and Point-to-point Rinse

Several rinse points are laid at the mixing blade, the small charging cone, the feeding hopper and the discharge hopper, which can be automatically rinsed simultaneously or respectively. In addition, these rinse points can be used for filling water to the mixing drum exclusively. The free water tubes are installed at the top and the bottom, convenient and laborsaving.

i. The pneumatic water supply system is safe, quick and convenient.

ii. Water Tank with Water Level Gauge

iii. Stainless Steel Ball Valve


2.2  Specificaions

Mixing Volume

8 cubic meters

Sloping angl

12.5 degree

Tech. Drum Capacity

15.23cubic meters

Feeding Speed

>2.7 m 3 /min

Discharging Speed

> 1.2 m 3 /min

Concrete Remaining

< 0.6%

Concrete slide


Hydraulic Pump

Rexroth (Germany) ;Eaton,ARK PV089MHR(options)


ZF(Germany) ;ARK PMP( PMB6.5sp)


Eaton; ARKMF089V


China Famous Brand

Drum Silo Material

16Mn (Q345)

Drum Silo Material Thickness

Ends 6mm; Silo 6mm


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