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58CBM LPG Tank Semitrailer

  • Item No: 5311GYQD
  • Model:CSC9390GYQ  
  • Capacity:32.5CBM  
    Driving Mode:3Axles  
  • Price: $42000

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Propane Tank Semitrailer

CSC9390GYQ Liquefied gas tank semitrailer, also known as liquefied petroleum gas semitrailer, natural gas semitrailer, LPG tanker semitrailer. Road tanker semitrailer designed for optimum and safe road transportation are typical for very low curb weight. Road tankers are manufactured as 2-axle or 3-axle semi trailers with tank capacity from 36,000 to 60,000 litres.Transportation capacity of road tankers is from 15 to 25 tons of liquid gas. The designed lpg tank meets the Chinese regulation requirements concerning transportation of hazardous loads on roads Please dial our Sales Hotline: We will provide you with comprehensive solutions. Propane density 0.42t/cbm.


Model: CSC9390GYQ

Nominal Volume of Bulk Tanker: 56CBM

Ovelall Dimesion: 12700mm×2500mm×3975mm

Tare Weight: 15480kg

G.V.W: 39000kg


1.      Superstructuer: Propane Truck Information

1.1 Structurer:

a. A pressure vessel exceeding 250 litres water capacity used for the transport or storage of LP gas in bulk. Tanks may be of the following types:

i. Fixed tank — a tank which is permanently mounted on a vehicle chassis. Includes permanent pipework, valving, meters, pumps.

ii. Multi-modal tank — a tank designed to ISO dimensions to transport LPG. Generally approved for bulk transport only (nominally full or empty).

iii. Demountable or skid tanks — a tank designed for temporary storage of LP gas,and suitable for transportation from one location to another.

b. CSCTRUCK Gas vehicle used for the carriage of LP gas in bulk in a fixed tank. Tank wagons of the following types:Tank truck (or rigid) — a single vehicle having its own means of propulsion.


1.2 Principal Features:

a. Internal threaded and flanged valves;

b. Internal and external Pressure relives valves for tank truck and bulk storage installations;

c. Pneumatic operated actuators to be coupled with our internal valves;

d. Float gauges for tank truck or large tanks;

e. Back check and excess flow valves;

f. Low emission fast filling guns for bobtail delivery truck;

g. Globe and angle valves;

h. Quick acting dispensing valves;

i. Hose end fill adapters;

j. Low emission hose and valves;

k. Break away couplings;

l. ACME adapters and caps;

m. Pressure gauges;

n. Liquid transfer valves;

o. Site flow swing check valve;

p. Vent and hydrostatic valves;


1.3 Super Structurer & Accessories


a. Tank Shell

i. Propane Tanks Are Constructed From Top Quality

ii. Seamless And/or Welded Steel.

iii. The Steel Is Tempered or Hardened Through Different

iv. Heat Treatment or Quenching Processes. The Two

v. Processes Are Known As Quench Tempering (QT) and

vi. Non-quench Tempering (NQT).

vii. Emergency Responders


b. Tank Baffles

i. Specification Plate and Markings

ii. Cargo Tanks in Propane Service Are Built

iii. According to ISO and Chinese standard

iv Specifications Must Have a Certification Plate Mounted on the Cargo Tank.


c. Safety Features


i. Inspections And Tests

ii. Regulations Require That Cargo Tanks Be Retested and Inspected Every Five Years.


d. Rear Bumper

i. With a double rear bumper to protect the tank, piping and fittings in the event of a rear end collision and to minimise the possibility of any part of the colliding vehicle striking the tank.

ii. Bumper located 500 mm behind the rear of the tank and at least 150 mm behind any vehicle component which is used for loading or unloading purposes or which may contain fluid whilst in transit.

iii. The width of the bumper not less than the maximum width of the tank.

e. Electrical Wiring

i. The nominal voltage is 24 volts.

ii. The battery be secured in front of a fire resistant shield

iii. The generator, switches and fuses shall be carried in front of a fire resistant shield.

iv. Electrical wiring adequately insulated from the chassis


f. Fire Extinguishing Equipment: Each vehicle with fire extinguishers

i. Vapourising type

ii. Pressure of a capacity 1.8 kg

iii. Foam extinguishers be applied to blanket the surface of burning liquids with a capacity of 8 kg.2 pcs.


g. Valves and Fittings

i. Pressure gauge (in MPa) and liquid contents gauge (indicating a percentage of water capacity, percentage of LPG capacity, litres or tonnes);

ii. At the delivery connection of the tank, a quick closing internal valve, designed LPG to close automatically on the operation of a fusible link and manually by release from either of two remote points;

iii. An external shut-off on any connection with an opening exceeding 1.4 mm diameter located as close to the tank as practicable.

iv. A liquid drain incorporating an excess flow valve plus a shut-off valve or alternatively a check-lock valve and a means for attaching a hose


h. Liquid Transfer Pumps and Compressors

i. Liquid transfer pumps and compressors shall be designed for use with LPG. Compressors shall take suction from the vapour space of the tank. Pumps with a self-priming bypass shall have a check valve fitted where the bypass enters the tank and a manually operated shut-off valve as close as possible to the tank (this valve shall be fitted with an extension spindle for easy operation from the side or end of the tank).

ii.Pump drive: Power take-off from the main diesel engine

i. Chassis

Heavy Duty I Beam Chassis


j. Manhole

i. 2 unit 16'Size stainless steel manhole cover with filling opening;
ii. Pressure relief valve
iii.Outlet Valve: 2' stainless steel ball valve with cam-lock coupling under the right rear side.
iv. Discharge Method Gravity.


k.Brake system
i. Dual line air braking WABCO with ABS
ii. Energy storage air parking brake


l.Running gear
i. 3 nos.FUWA(brand) axles with air suspension system one axle lifting
ii. FUWA(brand)landing legs 2-speed
iii. FUWA(brand) kingpin 2'(bolted)
iv. 13 tires 11.00R20 on steel rim including 1 spare

1.4 Protective Provision & Finish for Compaction system

a.Anti-corrosion provi-sions for the Compaction system

i. Using high-quality polyurethane paint,

ii. A long-term accretes, no chap, not falling, to prevent debris impact,

iii. Corrosion resistance,and nice features.

b. Final colour finish white.

i. One coat of primer follow with two coats of gloss finish paint for external. Internal surface will be polished and cleaned.

ii. White color;

CSCTRUCK supply the fuel tanker tank truck with tank capacity range from 1,000L to 30,000L. CSCTRUCK serial fuel tanker truck is equipment with Anti-corrosion & Explosion fuel tank, oil-suck pump and Cummins engine.

We are a leading manufacturer of Diesel Tanker, that are designed for durable and reliable performance. Featuring precision fabricated body, our tankers require minimum maintenance. Available in different specifications, our tankers serve various industries. Customized as per client's specific requirement, these tankers can be availed at competitive prices. 

We are engaged in providing wide range of Diesel Storage Tankers that are fabricated using superior quality stainless steel. These tankers are known for their reliability, durability, effective performance and also require low maintenance. Moreover, the range of Diesel Tankers that we offer has increased stability due to its low height and centre of mass. These have single spray control from cab along with a small droplet spray.

We manufacture a wide range of SS tank in different configuration including circular and rectangular. These are made from high quality raw materials such as SS steel. M.S. Steels, Rings Patti and others. Our range is applicable to various types of chemical industries and pharmaceutical industries for processing and storage of their products


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