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5 Ton Steel Deck Rollback Carrier

  • Item No:5090TQZ
  • Model:CSC5090TQZ  
  • Capacity:5T  
    Driving Mode:4×2  
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Some works are as tough as steel, which is why you need CSCTRUCK’s 5 Ton Steel car carrier. This carrier is exceptionally engineered, tough and reliable, with a 5000kg capacity. The deck is available in widths of 2400mm, and in deck lengths of 6330mm. All steel decks are constructed of 5mm single-sheet decking.



Chassis:Dongfeng,manual transmission; Leaf-spring suspension;4×2 drive in LHD, Power Assistance Steering.
Cabin Crew Number: 3; Sleeper/bunk
Overall Size:84,05×2300×2500mm(L×W×H)
Gross Vehicle Weight:90,000kg
Chassis Engine:B140 33 Diesel engine, 103kw/140hp@2500rpm,in-line, 4-cylinder, water-cooling, 4-stroke, turbo charged and intercooled; Euro 3
Maximum Torque:502N.m@1500rpm
Max Speed:90km/hour

Battery:Voltage, 24V.Battery Ampere,135Ap. Generator, 28V ,35A. Starter, 5.4Kw/24V

Transmission:Model(Brand): 6DS55(FAST)6+1 Speed Manual Transmission.

Brakes:Service brake: Brake gap can be adjusted automatically, double circulation air brake system. Assistant brake: Engine exhaust brake. Park brake: Potential springs pressing on middle and rear wheels.

Tires:8.00R16; 6+1 spare tire




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Load Rating:5Ton,Deck Length:6.33m

Lift Capacity:2Ton,Winch:4Ton.

Tow Capacity:5Ton.


Large Steel Platform/ Bed Deck Build 2400mm/ Wide-Dual-angle Deck/ Low Load Angles as 8º/Bed Anti-Tilt Lockout/ Hollow Tube Rails
Roller Bed Positive Lock-Down/ Adjustable Rear Stabilizer/ Slide Pads/ Full Function Wheel Lift System/ Manual Shift Winch Clutch Release
Strong Steel Subframe/ Cable Tensioner/ 4000kg Hydraulic Winch with 25m Cable/ Cable Roller Guide/ Hydraulic Pump/ LED Lighting
Pre-Wired Electrical Junction Box/ Back-Up Lights & Alarm/ Tow Light Socket/ Two Lift Cylinders/ Slide-In L-Arms with Anti-Theft Storage
One Extension Cylinder/ Safety Chains (2 Front, 2 Rear,2 Extra) / Chain Trays in Both Right & Left Side /6-Spool Capable Control Station
Left & Right Side Controls/ Lubrication Fittings on All Pivot Points/ Floor Level Sides with Stake Pockets (Steel)



On-board hydraulic pressure gauge allows for easy troubleshooting.
Combination winch cable guide roller tensioner plate
Manual or air-controlled winch-free spool
Dual manual free spool
Corrosion-resistant lighted dual control stations
Motor Carrier Safety Administration compliant crash protection headboard
Most advanced, high performance hose wire cable-tracking system in the industry

Highest standard reflectivity and lighting levels in the industry

Lowest Maintenance Carrier       

No-Lube Technology for Slide Pads & Pivot Joints


Platform Load Rating: 5000 kgs.

Platform Length: 6330mm
Platform Width (Outside): 2400mm

Platform Width (Inside): 2320 mm

Platform Thickness: 48mm

Crossmembers (Steel): 50mm x 50 mm on 200 mm Centers
Platform rating is based on equally distributed load
Inside bed widths will vary based on siderail option

Style Conventional or dual angle
Fixed or removable blade side rails


Lift Capacity (at Fully Extended )2000kg
Tow Capacity 3000kg.
Maximum Extended Reach 1700mm
Ground Approach Angle 8º


Winch Type: 1 Nos of Worm Gear

Winch (First Layer)4000 kgs.

Cable (wire rope diameter) 11mm length 25m

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