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42.7 CBM 3 axles gasoline tanker semi trailer

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  • Model:CSC9406GYY  
  • Capacity:42.7 CBM (11280 gal)  
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Gasoline Tanker Semi Trailer


Gasoline tanker semi trailer is also named fuel tank semi-trailer, fuel tank semitrailer, fuel semitrailer, fuel tank trailer, semi tanker trailer, stainless tanker trailer, aluminum alloy tank semi-trailer etc. is mainly used to transport liquids (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricant and coal tar oil etc.).

The main parts include truck chassis, tank body, landing legs, Euro standard manholes (cover, breathing valve, emergency venting device, anti overflow probe), gas recovery system, sea valve, fuel charging and discharging system, anti-static belt and pole, fire extinguishers, ladder, anti-slip walkway, hose etc.

The entire tank can be single-chamber or multi-compartment division to transport different type of fuel. In the tanker, there are baffles with through holes welded in the tank to strengthen the anti-wave and relieve oil shocks.


Model: CSC9406GYY

Tank body material: carbon steel

Loading capacity: 42.7 CBM (11280 us gal)

GVW / Curb weight: 28500kg / 11500kg

Overall dimension(mm): 11000(L)×2490(W)×3800(H)

Wheel base(mm)5500+1310+13103 axles


Part 1: Gasonlin tanker semi trailer Specification


1.1 Axles ( FUWA or BPW brand)

a. Brand: FUWA or BPW

b. Axle capacity: 24000kg ( 3 axles)


1.2 Suspension

a. Leaf spring system

b. Leaf spring NO.: 8/8/8


1.3 Landing legs

FUWA brand, two legs can be separately or together (single speed or double speed) adjusted with gear boosting to fit uneven or level ground


1.3 Brakes

a. Service brake   Drum brakes with air assisted system

b. Assistant brake      engineer exhaust brake

c. Park brake    power storage spring pressing on wheels


1.4 Wheels, Rims & Tires

a. 12 Radial tires wheels, 1 for spare.

b. Manufacturer's standard rims/ tires meet the following specifications: 

i. Tire size: 11.00R20 12PR, (ALL WHEELS)

ii. Tube tires with flaps

iii. Bias Construction

iv. Ply rating; 12 PR

v. Rim type:  Slip-on type with ring locker


1.5 Body color and package

a. Final color: red / white or as customized color.

b. Naked package

Part 2: Gasoline tanker semi trailer Specification


2.1 Principal Features

a. Capacity of the tank, 42700 liters

b. Tank size(mm): 110600(L)×2490(W)×1800/2050(H)

c. Tank shape: round square section (round section available)

d. Material: carbon steel (stainless steel or Aluminum alloy available)


2.2 Tank Body

a. The tank body could be round square, round section, made of carbon steel, disposable roll molding manufacturing process, mechanical transverse welds, computer controlled automatic forming head, both inside and outside full butt welding.

b. The entire tank can be single-chamber or multi-compartment division, There are steel division plates with through holes welded in the tank to strengthen the anti-wave and relieve oil shocks.


2.3 Painting

Tank and metal accessories are pre-coated phosphate treatment, polymer coatinganti-corrosion primer and metal surface coating. Strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, uniform film, lasting bright colors, beautiful appearance, can withstand wet, dusty, salt spray and other adverse environment, to prevent cracking, peeling, rust, discoloration and other issues, the rear body painted reflective mark.


2.4 Tank Manhole Assembly

Manhole size: Euro standard, 16’, stainless steel.

The manhole is placed on the top of the tank, the material is aluminum or stainless steel, with the parts of breathing valve and emergency venting valve, anti overflow probe mounted on the manhole cover.

The built-in breathing valve can keep the internal and outside pressure balance in the transportation, and has the function of emergency cut-off at the accident.

The emergency venting device can be automatically open to release the pressure in the tank in the accidents to insure the security.


2.5 Sea Valve (emergency shut-off valve)

Sea valve is mounted on the bottom of the tank, has the options of pneumatic and manual, aluminum and stainless steel material.

Generally pneumatic valve is first chosen. When accident occurred, the pipe and tank body will be disconnected automatically. The tank medium wouldn’t be leak. That makes sure the safety of the tank.

To ensure the valve has good work condition, it must meet the following requirements:

A, When the sea valve works, the system must ensure the air pressure >0.4 MPa.

B, The valve body and plunger must keep a high degree of sealing.

C, The spring must have enough elastic force to reset.


2.6 Antistatic device

(1) Anti-static belt

The ground tape is mounted on the rear of the oil tank and kept in contact with the ground. Its function is transmit the static electricity to the ground which is generated from oil shocks or refueling truck works or tanker truck self engine works, to prevent fires caused by static electricity.

(2) Anti-static pole

The ground pole is fixed to the frame. When refueling or discharging the oil tank truck, make sure to insert the ground pole in the damp earth to transmit the static electricity to the ground, which generated at the process of refueling and discharging.



gasoline tank semi trailer details


gasoline tank semi trailer details


gasoline tank semi trailer details


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