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4000 Gallon Water Tank Fire Truck

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  • Capacity:15,000 L  
    Driving Mode:6*4  
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DONGFENG is a well-known brand of the whole world. It has a very good quality and a large loading capacity. So we chose this truck chassis for the 15000 liters water tank fire truck. As this kind of vehicle’s chassis is steady and durable, so this kind of truck chassis is suit for large type fire truck. Dongfeng’s character is high speed, legality, agility and react quickly. With spare parts to protect the equipment of the vehicle and easy maintain and mending for customer,that have authorized factory in China to make chassis, and with the cummins engine technology form USA, so the price is much lower than in USA cummins engine.but the spare parts are available in the world by means of Cummins world supply sources.

Truck Chassis Specification

dongfeng water bowser fire truckdongfeng water tank fire truck

Chassis Brand:Dongfeng

Cab: Flat and Reversible cab, one row, 3 seats with belts, two doors with air condition

fire engine fire truck

Instrumentation:Fuel gauge, oil level gauge, oil pressure gauge, speed tachometer; Engine Coolant temperature gauge;Battery charging indicator;Parking brake light ,Reversing alarm;Filters and fuel-water separator service indicators;Speedometer and Odometer; CD,Radio

fire fighting trucks

Drive mode:6 x 4; 

Streering mode:Power assistance steering wheel; Right Hand Drive(RHD)

Axles No.: 3 nos., double drive rear axles

Wheelbase (mm):4350+1300
Size of Tyre :11.00R20
;The number of Tyre:10+1 (Spare tyre)

Max speed: 90 Km/hr

dongfeng water bowser fire truck

Suspension (Front):Leaf Spring, 8pcs
 Suspension (Rear):Leaf Spring,13pcs

U Shape (6”):at the end of relay pipe.

Search light:Fitted on left or right

Engine Model: Cummins engine 260hp;
Type:6-cylinders in line, water cooled, 4 stroke cycles, high pressure common rail, Turbocharged intercooled, diesel engine
;Fuel Injection:Direct injection;
Displacement : 7.255L / 6 cylinders
Emission Standard:Euro 3

water tank fire fighting vehicle

Gear Link:Lug type
Transimission Manufacture: Dongfeng; Maual 8 speed

Dimension(mm):9800 x 2480 x 3200

fire fighting trucks

water tanker fire trucks

As the safety & protection department of our company, we engage in this line for more than 15 years and supply various fire protection equipments; fire fighting vehicle is the main product of them. Now we have many factories to be our supplier and some of them keep steady, long term corporation with us.

fire fighting vehicles

We have successfully exported to Brazil, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Bengal, Vietnam, West Africa countries areas and got a widely recognition among them. Otherwise, we can also order the different model for your special demand. With complete specification are all our preponderant products. We would like to be your strong supplier in China and a best friend at the same time. Welcome you to visit us and instruct us directly.

Chinese fire fighting truck

Fire Apparatus Specification

Tanker Material:Q235, Carbon steel with thickness of 4mm,ends 5mm

Tank Capacity:4000 US gallons

Tanker size:6700(L)×2200(W)×1500(H)mm

Compartments Nos.:1
Tank Shape:Round square shape

Tanker Top Cover:2 pieces Manhole cover hermetically closed

Baffle:1 pcs for redcuing water waves

 fire truck manufacturers    

Fire Pump Type:Centrifugal pump, CB10-60

Power: 47 KW
Rotation rate:3150 r/min

Worknpressure:1.0 mpa
Capacity:>30 L/S

Self-Suction depth:>7 m

Pump suction time : <30s
Suction Time:<4 min

Pipeline & Fittings:
Delivery outlet (B/S type), 65 mm ( 2 ½ inch );
Fire fighting nozzle range, > 55 m;
Rotation angle of fire fighting Turret Nozzle, 360°;

Pipe Line (Inlet), 4” Ø one on both side;

Pipe Line (Outlet), 2 ½ Ø two on both side

Vacuum pump Valve will be located on the control box.

Pump inlet pipe will be located (1”) above the tank base.

Vacuum cut-off quality is required to improve.

Road system is possible for pump gear.

Main pump should be fitted (4”) ball valve.

fire truck suppliers


Electric siren:1 Nos

Emergency rotation lamp: 1Nos

Fire axe:1Nos

Fire hook:1Nos

Fireman ladder:1Nos (Metal Ladder), Extension Ladder (30’<)

Jet & Spray Nozzle:1Nos

Jet Nozzle :1 Nos

Fire hoses :4 Nos; (B/S System)(Ø 65mm 20m)

Suction Pipe:2Nos; ( Length 4 m )

Water Filter: 2 Nos; ( Aluminum alloy ) and Guide rope

Suction pipe wrench :2 Nos; (Ø100 mm)

China water fire truck

Others : Pipe quality is require to improve.

Fire extinguisher: 3Kg

Hydraulic jack
Wheel spanner      

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