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22CBM Water Transportation Truck

  • Item No:ZJ0NE3XN032
  • Model:CSC5252GGSZ  
  • Capacity:22,000L  
    Driving Mode:8 x 4  
  • Price: $46900

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Truck Chassis For Water Transportation

1.1   Main Application

CSCTRUCK Water tank truck is mainly composed of truck chassis, water inlet and outlet system and tank body. Water truck has various spray and water-carrying functions according to different environments and purposes. Water truck is suitable for the evanescence and environmental protection of urban residential area and factories.


1.2 Principal Features

a.The equipment to be supplied under this contract is new and of the most current model 2013

b.Left-hand drive

c.Power asssitance steering

d.8x4, double rear axle drive

e.Three (3) persons seating capacity,with 1 bunk.

f.Water-cooled, four-stroke cycle diesel engine

g.Flywheel horsepower:  270hp(199kw)@1900rpm

h.Hydraulic lifting/tipping gear with control system

i.Lifting capacity: 18,300 kg

j.Power-take-off to drive the hydraulic pump

k.Payload of fully equipped and loaded truck :  19,500kg minimum

l.Rear axle rating: 17800kg approx.

m.GVW:  30,600 kg

n.Gradability (max. restart gradient off highway at GVW):  30% 

o.Ground clearance:  290 mm

p. Overall dimension, mm : 9300×2500×3400

1.3 Engine

Water-cooled,four-stroke cycle diesel engine with the following features:-

a. Vertical ,in line        

b. Flywheel horsepower: 270hp(199kw)@1900rpm

c. Flywheel horse power 199(kw) /1900(rpm), torque and engine speed 670(N.m)/1300-1500(rpm)

as well as aver-age fuel consumption 16L/100km .h ;Engine manufactuer WEICHAI POWER, model:WP10.270E32

d. Lubrication: forced lubrication

e. Lubricant filtration:filter

i. Full-flow and by-pass  

ii. Replaceable element/ cartridge;

f. Lubricant cooler equipped

g.Fuel System: Direct Injection

h.Fuel filtration:filter

i.Primary and Secondary

ii.Replaceable element/ cartridge

i.Fuel-water separator required in fuel line

j.Fuel tank capacity:  400 litres

k.Fuel tank cap with security lock

l. Specify the following:

i.Mechanical fuel injection pump

ii.Mechanical Governor

m. Cooling System:  Heavy duty pressurised water cooling with sufficient capacity to function in the specified ambient temperature

n.  Radiator fins and tubes to be made of copper

o.   Radiator protection grille

p.   Natural aspiration

q.   Heavy-duty ,dry-type air cleaner with replaceable elements

r.   Pre-cleaner fixed.

s.   Pre-ignition heating system

1.4 Clutch

a. Heavy duty, dry single plate; hydraulic actuation .

b. Specify diameterΦ430mm

1.5 Transmission,PTO and Drive Line

a.Constant speed synchromesh gearbox ;Model:5S-112GP

b.Floor-mounted manual shift gear lever

c. 5 speed forward and 1 speed reverse

d.Max. geared speed: 90km/h

e.Manufacturer's standard PTO box is provided

f.8 x 4 WD truck; double rear axle drive

g.Gradability (max restart gradient off highway at GVW): 30%

1.6 Chassis Frame

a.Heavy-duty all steel constructed frame to be reinforced with cross members

b.Front towing hook

c.Front steel bumper

d.Front fenders have mudflaps

e. Full rear steel mudguards with mud flaps

f. Specify the following:

i.Frame sectional modulus :280mm× 80mm×  (8+5)mm

ii.Tensile strength of frame material Q235A high strength steel.

1.7 Axles

a.Torque proportioning differ-ential rear axle with foot-operated or otherwise differential lock

b.Hub reduction floating rear axle

c. Rear axle rating: 17,800kg approximately

d. Rigid I beam front axle,loading 5,000kg

1.8 Suspension


i. Heavy duty semi-elliptic leaf spring

ii.Double acting telescopic shock absorbers


i.Heavy duty semi-elliptic leaf spring

ii.Second stage helper spring

c.Sring details:Front 12pcs /rear 13/middle 12pcs

1.9 Steering

a.Power assistance steering Model:D50

b. Left hand steering control

c. 450 mm steering radius approx

1.10 Brakes

a.Power assisted hydraulic actuation service brakes built into all four wheels

b. Independent dual line system

c. All drum internal expanding

d. Foot-operated engine brake

e. Brake boosters with protection as applicable

f. Automatic drain valve on air tank(s)

g. Mechanical release parking brakes

1.11 Wheels ,Rims&Tires

a.Single front; double rear wheels

b.Good quality heavy-duty on/off road type suitable to full load rating, maximum speed and working conditions

c. Manufacturer's standard rims/ tires must, preferably, meet the following specifications: 

i.Tyre size: 11.00 -20,Ridus tire (ALL WHEELS)

ii.Tube tires with flaps preferred

iii.Bias Construction

iv.Ply rating; preferably 16 PR

v.Rim type:  Slip-on type with ring locker

vi.Lug type tread pattern

d. . One spare rim with tire mountable on a suitable carrier on each vehicle.

1.12 Cab & Accessories

a.Cab made of steel

b.Three person seating capacity

c.Seats cushioned with weather resistant heavy duty vinyl

d.Seat belts

e.Wide view toughened (Lamina-ted) wind screen

f. Two (2 No.) wipers

g.Floor covering:  rubber


i.Tropical ventilation; specify                                          

j.Provide the following:

i.Dual sun visors

ii.Dual rear-view mirrors

iii.Rain gutters/drip mouldings

iv.Container hold-down strap

v In-Cab Pump Switch

vi In-Cab Pneumatic Controller

1.13 Instrumentation

a.Adequate instrumentation to be made up of service indicators as well as advance hazard warning devices. It shall include the following:

i.Fuel gauge

ii.Engine Coolant temperature gauge

iii.Engine oil level gauge

iv.Engine oil pressure gauge

v.Battery charging indicator

vi.Parking brake light

vii.Filters and fuel-water separator service indicators

viii.Speedometer and Odometer

ix.Reversing alarm

x.Engine speed tachometer

xi. Vandalism protection for instrument panel required

1.14 Electric System

a.24 volt system

b. Cab interior lighting

c. Instrument panel lighting

d. Two headlights minimum; high/ low beam

e. Tail/stoplights

f. Direction signal lights for front and rear

g. Reversing light

h. Parking light

i Number plate lights

j Specify the following:

i.AH rating of battery 24V

ii. Ampere rating of alter-nator 100A

iii.KW rating of starter 440CCA

k. Specify other maker's standard ancillaries



iii.Module:1\4; Terminal:0\1;Mass:18.2kg

1.15 Protective Provision & Finish for Truck Chassis

a.Specify anti-corrosion provi-sions for the truck

b. Final colour finish white.


Water Tanker

2.1 The Main Technique Parameter

a. Product model : CSC5312GGSZ

b. Chassis model  ND5310CCYZ00

c. Tank Shape Ellipse style,tanker material Q235A 4mm thickness carbon steel.

d. Tank Capacity 22000liters; One(01) compartmetns.Inside with baffles

e. TankFilling time < 10 min

f. Tank Drainage time <22min

e. Truck Length*Width*Height ,mm 10105×2500×3050

f. Wheelbase, mm 1700+4425+1350

g. Front suspension,mm 1410

h. Rear suspension,mm 1995

i. Tare Truck Weight(Unloading) 6505

j. Loading Weight 10000 Kg

k. G.V.W. 31000kg

l. Pump Type: 80qzb-60/90

m. Self-suction depth: 6.5 M

n. Lift Head90

o. Flow Speed 1000 L/Min

p. Axle Power 22.5

q. Pressure 20m

2.3 Work Principle And Structure Character

a. Work principle

The truck makes use of the special power take off to get power from the engine, and then pass the power to the pump via drive lines so to rotate the pump. The pump, lines valves and fittings make up of the net system. Via the regulated program on/off valves, the pump can absorb water into the tank from the source or exhaust the water inside the tank through the set lines, and then come to all function.


b. Structure character

The water wagon is refitted based on the Dongfeng No.2 chassis. The refit part includes water carrying assembly, drivrain device, net system and operation system.

i. Water carrying assembly: A steel container shaped ellipse, which is used to store work water.

ii. Drivrain device includes power take off, drive line, etc., which can pass the power from the chassis to the pump.

iii. Net system helps come to all special functions.

iv. Operation system helps come to all special functions’ convert.

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