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18CBM Tail Gate For Compactor Truck

  • Item No:GTP18
  • Model:CSC50018ZYSD  
  • Capacity:18CBM  
    Driving Mode:6 x 4  
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1.   Rear-loading Compactor Truck  / Tail Gate 


Tailgate connectd to body with top hinges.Rubber seal between tailgate and body to prevent dirty water leakage.Dirty water tank under the tailgate with discharge tap under the hopper.Structure consist of :one sledage,one shovel, hopper and hydraulic cylinder.


1.2 Rear-loading Compactor Truck Tail Gate 17-18 Cubic Meters

Estimated weight of tailgate (kg)


Hopper capacity (cu.meter)


Hopper steel type

Q235A and Q345

Hopper thickness steel


Tailgate sides steel type


Tailgate sides thickness


The floor of the box steel type


The floor of the box steel thickness


The sides and roof steel type


The sides and roof steel thickness


The dimension of box



Estimated Weight of box (kg)



1.2 Structurer:

a. Smooth side wall with suitable reinforements in left , right and top.Front frame with stong beams to support the main hydraulic cylinder(push-out-plate cylinder).Beams welded by sub-merge weilding machine.


1.3  Super Structurer & Accessories


a.   Loading/Discharge System The system had comprised the following:


i.Lifting/Tipping gear

ii.Hydraulic Control System for the tipping/lifting gear

b.   Lifting

i. Compaction capacity: 14,000kg min.

ii.Compact all steel construction of beam with all welded joints to be of the continuous welding type.


1.4 Subframe: Full sub-frame with flexible mounting fixed to the truck chassis by horse bolts.Sub-frame and chassis medium with wooden plates.


1.5  Ejection Plate:Moves on rails situated inside the body with easy replaceable polyamide shoes,with one main double acting hydraulic cylinder to move the push-out-plate.



1.6 Material

a.Carbon steel made of Q235B


i.Body Side        3mm-5MM

ii.Body Floor       4mm

iii. Hopper Bottom  5mm

iv. Hopper Sides   5mm


1.7   Hydraulic System

a.Two lift cylinders two jacks hydraulic system.

b.Hydraulic pump be driven from the PTO; shaft drive from transmission.

c.Full-flow filtration of hydraulic oil required

d. Pressure limiting valves for controlling pressures; specify type double-acting single piston rod oil cylinder

e.Compltete system consisting of total 11 sets of cylinders specify as followings:

i.One double acting telescoic cylinder for push-out plate

ii.Two hydraulic cylinder for tailgate opening

iii.Two hydraulic cylinder for sledge

iv.Two hydraulic cylinder for pushing the shovel

v.Two hydraulic cylinder for turning angle for shovel

vi.Two hydraulic cylinder for lifting the back tiltable bins(container)

vii. Oil tanker of 80liters for 12cbm, 100liters for 14-18cbm garbage truck,oil tanker with uction/return filters and level indicator.

viii.Safety vavles on tailgate to prevent sudden fall of tailgate during maintaenance and discharging of refuse.                              


f.Type of hydraulic pump and its performance characteristics

i.Double-acting single piston rod oil cylinder.

ii.Capacity from 8Kpa-16Kpa;oil cylinder diameter from 40mm-320mm.

iii.Operating cycle time,loading 39.5s;dumping 84.5s

iv.Hopper opening 68.2°;garbage gox opeing angle 47.3°



1.8   Control System: Manual,with levers


1.9 Protective Provision & Finish for Compaction system

a.Specify anti-corrosion provi-sions for the Compaction system

b. Final colour finish white.

1.10  Protective Provision & Finish for Truck Chassis

a.Specify anti-corrosion provi-sions for the truck

b. Final colour finish white.

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